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June 2024

Billboard Advertising Economics: Examining Cost Structures and Setting Budgets

Billboard advertising cost remains an integral factor of modern marketing for businesses looking to boost their presence, so understanding its intricacies is critical in crafting effective outdoor ad strategies. Here we explore some factors affecting billboard prices so businesses can budget wisely for successful campaigns.

Using AI to understand what sets incident.io apart from the competition

Whenever a new customer joins incident.io, we make notes on what made them chose to buy our product and, if we were in a competitive process, why they chose us over other providers they were evaluating. It’s a lot of messy data and raw notes, but contained within is a veritable treasure trove of customer feedback. Summarising large amounts of data? Sounds like the perfect job for an LLM.

Ivanti Neurons - Neurons Workspace #shorts

The Ivanti neurons workspace is a tool designed to improve issue resolution within organizations. It offers device and user views, providing telemetry, remote control, and automation tools to analysts. This allows for a better understanding of device activities. A timeline view is also being developed to gather metrics and historical information across key areas. Ivanti finds, heals, and protects every device, everywhere – automatically. Whether your team is down the hall or spread around the globe, Ivanti makes it easy and secure for them to do what they do best.

How to Clear The Cache of Nginx?

Nginx, a common web server and reverse proxy, uses caching to improve performance. Over time, this cache can collect old or unneeded data. This buildup can cause slower response times, more disk usage, and possibly serve old content to users. Clearing the Nginx cache often is important to keep good server performance and provide current information.

Nginx Location Priority Explained

This article examines Nginx location directives. It explains what location directives are, their syntax, and how they process requests for specific URIs. The article describes different types of location matches, including exact, prefix, and regular expression matches. It also discusses the priority order of these matches and gives practical examples of their use in various scenarios.

Top 10 Free Status Page Software Providers in 2024

Service outages are inevitable and directly impact customers, potentially damaging your company’s reputation and customer loyalty. Considering that an hour of outage costs on average $300,000 according to Statista, it’s better to avoid additional expenses in connection to losing customers. This financial impact underscores the importance of having a reliable status page to keep your customers informed and mitigate the consequences of service interruptions.

Managed Apps on Public Cloud: Why Operations Matter, Part II

In the first part of this blog journey (I’d call it a post, but it’s actually two posts) we explored what operational excellence looks like in public cloud deployments. And while I do not want to spoil it for you, the main takeaway was that it is not easy and can become resource-intensive. With this in mind, you might should be wondering what you can do to achieve excellence without focusing all your resources on operations.

The Importance of Cyber Security Paid Training in Ensuring Business Continuity

In an era where digital threats are rampant, safeguarding your business is paramount. Cyber security paid training is your first line of defense. Proper training equips your team to handle cyber attacks efficiently. With growing cyber threats, investing in training is essential. This not only protects data but also ensures smooth business operations. Discover how the security certification roadmap can fortify your defenses.

Applying USB-based, Zero-touch Device Provisioning with NinjaOne

Modern provisioning in IT refers to defining your desired settings and software to meet your organizational goals. It’s the process of setting up your IT infrastructure, including hardware, networks, and virtual machines, among others, to make it available to systems and users. Device provisioning is a subset of this, often used to set up devices within the Internet of Things (IoT), including mobile devices. The importance of device provisioning cannot be overstated.

Why a Well-Organized Server Rack is Crucial for IT Efficiency

In today's digital age, the backbone of any successful business lies in its IT infrastructure. At the heart of this infrastructure lie server racks, the unsung heroes of data centers worldwide. But why is a well-organized server rack so crucial for IT efficiency? Let's explore the significant impact proper rack organization can have on your entire IT operation.

Understanding Network Management Services: Key Components and Benefits

Network management plays a vital role in the modern IT structure, it is a range of toolkits and applications designed to maintain and improve the online community. Network management services ensure that the network operates smoothly and supports continuous data transmission and interchange within corporations.