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September 2022

Azure VM health monitoring - what's right for you?

Virtual Machines (VMs) are virtual computers with dedicated amounts of RAM, CPU power, and storage borrowed from a physical host computer. A Virtual Machine is a computer file, typically an image, that acts like a real computer. A Virtual Machine can have any operating system that runs in a window as a separate computing environment. Users can choose between the Linux distribution or Windows Server in the operating system.

Why and How to Monitor Amazon OpenSearch Service

Some time ago, AWS forked ElasticSearch, the most popular search engine on the planet. They had some struggles with the maintainer of ElasticSearch and decided it was time to part ways. So, with OpenSearch, there is now a new kid in town. Well, not new, but at least some kind of alternative.

Defining and measuring your SLIs and SLOs

Customers expect that online services are available all the time. The truth is that outages happen to almost everyone because providing 100% service availability is challenging and costly. Creating reliable and profitable service is, amongst other things, finding the balance between application availability, costs and time to market. Faster feature delivery means less availability as constant changes to production may cause issues and introduce bugs.

Logic App Best practices, Tips, and Tricks: #16 roll back to a previous version of an Azure Logic App Consumption

Today I’m going to speak about another critical best practice, Tips and Tricks that you need to know, especially when you are developing your Logic Apps Consumption directly on the Azure Portal: If we are developing in the Azure Portal, can we roll back to a previous version of an Azure Logic App Consumption?

Quick Bytes - Getting started with ECS monitoring

Lumigo provides visibility into your ECS clusters and the underlying services and tasks in real-time by leveraging out-of-the-box dashboards and turn-key integrations with AWS. All the key metrics you need to monitor your clusters, services and tasks are displayed with easy access to corresponding traces. With one-click distributed tracing, Lumigo lets developers effortlessly find and fix issues in serverless and containerized environments

Seamlessly Secure Your Cloud-Native Applications with D2iQ + Aqua

As businesses embrace cloud-native application development as a basis for modernization, the shift creates significant security challenges. D2iQ has partnered with Aqua Security to enable organizations to create a seamless DevSecOps experience that accelerates the deployment of secure smart cloud-native applications to prevent and foil cloud-native cyber attacks.

Asynchronous Correlation with Serverless360 BAM

One of the critical differences between distributed tracing and business activity monitoring is that distributed tracing usually assumes that your transaction executes from start to end in a reasonably short time. An example would be that your call to an API might then drop a message on a queue which a function processes and loads into a database.

Quick Bytes - Observing Lambda with SNS & SQS

You can see and understand Lambda → SNS → SQS → Lambda transactions as one complete trace, end-to-end. This view gives you critical context into one of the most common–but unobservable–serverless architectures so you can troubleshoot it faster and easier. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on any new livestreams and observability content! With one-click distributed tracing, Lumigo lets developers effortlessly find and fix issues in serverless and containerized environments

Monitoring and Debugging Python Apps on AWS Lambda

As a developer, Python for me is a heavy-lifting and versatile language. I’ve used it for building APIs, internet of things projects, file and data conversions, machine learning and (of course) web development. Like with any modern, commonly used language, the functionality behind the application is only as good as the infrastructure that it is deployed onto.

Business Activity Monitoring with Flat File Messages

Let us consider that you have implemented an integrated solution and are using Serverless360 Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) to help provide your support users and business users with visibility of what is happening in the business transaction. BAM provides you with distributed tracing to attain maximum visibility on the integration solution that the functional operations team needs.

Logic App Best practices, Tips, and Tricks: #14 Implement good governance policies

Welcome again to another Logic Apps Best practices, Tips, and Tricks. In my previous blog posts, I talked about some of the most essential best practices you should have while working with the Azure Logic App: And some tips and tricks: Today I’m going to speak about another critical Best practice, Tips and Tricks that you need to implement while administrating your cloud integration resources: Implement good governance policies.

Tracing and Observing AWS ECS

It’s no secret that application containerization has revolutionized the digital world as we know it by providing a transient gateway into elastic infrastructure that can scale and grow as needed. Where traditional virtualization was all about creating a single homogenous entity, containers are self-contained units of software, able to run in just about any environment, making them extremely portable.