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December 2022

Serverless360 API Monitor and the Azure Management API

We have recently added the API Monitoring feature to Serverless360 and this opens up a wide range of monitoring opportunities. The principle of API Monitor is that you have an API endpoint that you want Serverless360 to periodically call and then you will make assertions against the response to check if the API is healthy or not.

Optimizing BAM Performance with API Management

In a previous article, I discussed how you could use API Management as a proxy for the Serverless360 BAM API. In the real world, I have used this approach a few times because I prefer it to the custom connectors that you can use with Logic Apps which are sometimes painful to use from a DevOps perspective and have known performance limitations that can affect the latency and throughput for connections Logic Apps make to Cloud Services.

Optimizing Azure Cost with Azure Cost Management

Enterprise use of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Services is expanding at an unprecedented rate as cloud computing usage expands. However, enterprises that have recently switched to Azure continue to have serious concerns about Azure cost efficiency. Managing the costs associated with Azure cloud infrastructure differs from reducing the cost of an on-premises server because Azure cloud infrastructure can be built as needed, typically outside the control of a traditional IT department.

Zero-Friction AWS Lambda Instrumentation with external extensions

If you’ve been in the software business for some time, you’ve probably noticed that creating software isn’t only about adding features. There are usually many different tasks involved. You have to test your system, fix bugs, and ensure it keeps working over its lifetime.

Quick Bytes - Getting started with Lumigo

Lumigo is a monitoring and observability platform designed to let development and DevOps teams navigate through the most complex serverless and containerized environments. Getting started is simple with the onboarding wizard. Follow the steps below to connect your environment in just a few minutes. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on any new livestreams and observability content! With one-click distributed tracing, Lumigo lets developers effortlessly find and fix issues in serverless and containerized environments

The Hidden Costs of Serverless Observability

The growing popularity of serverless architectures has led to an increased need for solutions to the modern challenges of microservice observability—one of the most critical components for running high-performing, secure, and resilient serverless applications. Observability solutions have to break through the complexity of serverless systems, and with the right stack, observability enables not only fast and easy debugging of applications, but drives optimization and cost efficiency.

Serverless roundup at AWS re:Invent 2022

AWS re:Invent was back and BIG last week in Las Vegas. Approximately 50,000 AWS customers and partners got together in Las Vegas to learn, talk shop, and maybe attend a couple of parties here and there. Not only did Lumigo have a booth, but our own Saar Tochner, R&D Team Lead and AWS Community Builder gave a well-received talk on Lambda extensions.

Production testing: smoke tests with Cypress, CircleCI, and AWS

“Testing your production environment” refers to the practice of running tests on production servers, using actual data from real users. Production testing doesn’t replace other methods like unit or integration testing. Instead, it extends them. Smoke testing is one approach that Lumigo has implemented to test our own production environments.