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March 2024

NodeJS Instrumentation with the Lumigo OTLP endpoint

As software systems become more complex, navigating their inner workings has become increasingly difficult due to the evolution of more advanced architectures. While distributed systems, such as microservices and cloud-native architectures, offer benefits in scalability and agility, they also make it more challenging to pinpoint and resolve system issues. Traditional methods for tracking errors are often insufficient in these multifaceted environments.

Instrumenting Lumigo for Python using OpenTelemetry

Standardized frameworks play a fundamental role in leveling the playing field and setting the standard within the tech industry, ensuring that everyone has access to the same tools and practices. These frameworks promote best practices and foster innovation and collaboration across different sectors. One example of such a framework is OpenTelemetry, a project that has rapidly gained traction and continued to flourish as an open-source initiative under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

Dissecting MySQL Debugging with Node and Python - Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog, we prepared our demo container environments using Docker for the Node Express and Python Flask applications. Now, we move on to the more complex phase of our exploration, where we will dissect and explain the inner workings of our applications. This sequel is designed for those who want to improve their web development skills, offering a comprehensive guide to debugging and tracing.

Dissecting MySQL Debugging with Node and Python - Part1

This is the first post in a series of two looking at debugging and tracing MySQL, which has been a foundation stone of the tech industry, utilized by applications big and small, from personal blogs to complex e-commerce platforms. MySQL has demonstrated adaptability and robustness countless times, making it a critical part of the Internet’s infrastructure. This adaptability has helped MySQL remain relevant amidst the constantly evolving technological landscapes.