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Top 10 AIOps & Observability Capabilities for the Banking and Finance Sector

Maintaining trust in the business services your customers rely on is everything. With ever-increasing customer expectations and the promise of ‘always-on’ services, poor digital experiences and outages can cause significant harm to your business. The Interlink Software AIOps and Observability platform strengthens IT teams’ capability to deliver more reliable, available digital services and reduce the risk of customer impacting disruption.


How DevOps is shaping Financial Services #1: The role of governance

In this series of blog posts, we speak with database professionals from Financial Services organizations around the world to better understand how DevOps is shaping the sector. On the way, we dig into key current factors including the rise of technology upstarts in fintech and insurtech, the speed of digital transformation and the ever-increasing threat of cyberattacks. First up, we speak with Hamish Watson, DevOps Alchemist and Managing Director at Morph IT Consulting.


30+ FP&A Interview Questions To Ask (And What To Listen For)

Finding trained FP&A professionals isn't too much trouble for most companies. The tricky part is finding a candidate who has the right combination of technical and soft skills for your organization’s needs. The following interview questions will help you find a qualified FP&A professional for your company. Listen to their responses to get a sense of their reasoning, expertise, situational awareness, ambition, and individual attitude towards various aspects of the FP&A profession.


How To Build a Fintech App and How Much Does It Cost?

Fintech apps are booming as mobility has penetrated the financial industry significantly. Do you want to build an engaging fintech app that helps you better reach out with your financial offerings to customers? Since there is enormous competition in the market, it will not be accessible unless you follow the best development practices and principles. This is why we are here to provide a comprehensive guide to Fintech app development, budget, and all the steps leading to a successful app product.

The Power That Start-Ups Can Have on An Investor's Portfolio

In the past, saving was considered the best way to enjoy greater security in your personal and professional life. Yet, due to inflation, savings held in cash will gradually lose their value over time, with the average rate on a modern-day savings account being around 0.13%. As a result, money-conscious individuals have sought other ways to reap these benefits, one of the most popular being investing. As the cost of living rises, deciding to invest is a sound way to protect the value of your money, build wealth, and reach your long-term financial goals. But what should you invest your money in? That's the question.

Secure open source MLOps for AI/ML applications in financial services

The adoption of AI/ML in financial services is increasing as companies seek to drive more robust, data-driven decision processes as part of their digital transformation journey. For global banking, McKinsey estimates that AI technologies could potentially deliver up to $1 trillion of additional value each year. But productionising machine learning at scale is challenging.


Fintech APM: Considerations, Benefits, and Tools

In the last few years, fintech enterprises have disrupted the financial services and banking industry by taking everything computing technology offers – from machine learning to blockchain – and turning it up a notch. Traditional financial institutions must now compete with challenger banks offering electronic payment alternatives, peer-to-peer lending, and investment apps.

Keeping It Interesting - 4 Tips For Writing A Great Personal Financial Survey

If you are in the process of creating a personal financial survey for your respondents, you will have to tread very carefully. This is wafer-thin ice that you are walking on. The golden rule is to remember that not all of your respondents are going to be completely comfortable disclosing their financial preferences, budget, or even their annual income. Therefore, avoid making the mistakes that are mentioned in this blog. Let's discuss them right away.
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Network Security for Banks-Preventing Breaches, Protecting Data

It is no surprise that cybercriminals are after the money, and banks have plenty lying around. They also have gobs of data, making banks irresistible to hackers who have a field day attacking complex banking IT systems flush with more connections than a movie agent. Here are a few recent facts to know.

How Important Is The Infrastructure For Online Trading Services?

In online trading, everything is done by computers and software. It's a huge financial system that heavily relies on well-established underlying technologies. These technologies include fast, secured and reliable internet connection in conjunction with fast hosting provided and reliable data centers. Well-written software, too, plays a big role in this regard.