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June 2020

Dispatch evolves as the only Kubernetes native, CI/CD platform leveraging Tekton, ArgoCD and more

Responsibilities are shifting between software developers and operators due to the increasing adoption of agile development practices, DevOps, and GitOps. This makes it challenging for developers and operators to effectively collaborate in order to increase developer agility and productivity. D2iQ’s Dispatch is built on a cloud native foundation, leveraging Tekton and Argo CD to simplify running CI/CD on Kubernetes with a simplified user experience.

GitOps: Progressive Deployment and Security with D2iQ Dispatch and Alcide Advisor

GitOps has been around for quite some time now and continues to pique developer interest when it comes to driving operation tools. This technology-agnostic model embraces operations best practices, using Git as a single source of truth for declarative infrastructure and applications.The term GitOps for this operating model is now an industry standard and has rapidly made a name for itself among the Kubernetes and cloud-native communities.

CVE-2020-8555 And What We've Done About It

A security vulnerability (CVE-2020-8555) with a Medium severity has been reported that affects following versions of Kubernetes: Note, an attack using this vulnerability requires permission to create a pod or StorageClass and would typically only be granted to internal administrators or developers within an organization. It is possible to mitigate an attack by implementing policies using Gatekeeper and restricting StorageClass using Kubernetes access controls.