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Introducing Products and Environments (Early Access)

Have you ever found yourself wrestling with the complexities of managing ArgoCD applications across multiple environments? Are you constantly juggling naming conventions and struggling to correlate applications representing the same microservice or product? If you’ve been deep in the trenches of GitOps, you’ve likely encountered these challenges firsthand.

Monitor your CI/CD modernizations with Datadog CI Pipeline Visibility

As your organization adopts modern technologies and scales its workloads, it’s critical that your CI/CD environment follows suit to maintain smooth development and testing workflows. Adopting modern CI/CD tools (e.g., pipeline runners and testing frameworks) and best practices can increase the agility and resilience of your CI/CD environment as well as enable your teams to configure new jobs, stages, and tests to meet changing business requirements.

Control multi-regional infrastructure in a monorepo with CircleCI

How can your organization leverage continuous integration (CI) to manage your infrastructure at scale in a reliable, secure, and repeatable fashion? If you are maintaining multiple projects, the monorepo strategy can be a useful approach that allows for a unified build and CI process and makes it easier to enforce coding standards and organizational practices. It can also help DevOps and platform teams streamline dependency management to reduce conflicts and compatibility issues.

Surfing the Argo CD Sync Waves with Frederic Harper

Join Frederic Harper from @kubefirst as he explores the dynamic capabilities of Argo CD in this enlightening presentation. Discover how Argo CD transforms Kubernetes and cloud-native application management through GitOps. From synchronization features to security enhancements, learn how this tool can streamline your development processes. Perfect for developers looking to deepen their understanding of continuous delivery within a GitOps framework.

How to Structure Your Argo CD Repositories Using Application Sets

In the previous article of the series we explained how to model GitOps environments and promote an application between them. That article was laser-focused on a single application and its Kubernetes resources. In this article we will zoom out to look at several related subjects: It is worth mentioning that as always, our advice is a general recommendation that follows best practices.

How to Streamline Your Deployment Pipeline A DevOps Journey

In the fast-paced world of software development, efficiency is key. One of the most critical aspects of ensuring smooth and reliable software delivery is streamlining your deployment pipeline. A well-optimized deployment pipeline not only saves time and resources but also enhances the overall quality of your product. Let’s embark on a DevOps journey to explore how you can streamline your deployment pipeline effectively.

How to Create Static Pod in Kubernetes

In Kubernetes a static pod is a concept where you can deploy a pod that is not managed by the API server. Static pods are directly managed by the Kubelet component. The Kubelet service is deployed with the configuration path where we can add the pod manifest for the Kubelet to deploy. Even though a static pod is not managed by the API server, you can use Kubectl to list the static pod. This is because, when Kubelet deploys a static pod, it creates a mirror pod in the API server.

How DevOps is Revolutionizing Software Development A Guide to Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, DevOps has emerged as a transformative force. It’s not just a set of practices or tools; it’s a cultural shift that aims to streamline collaboration, automate processes, and deliver value to customers faster and more efficiently than ever before. In this guide, we’ll delve into how DevOps is revolutionizing software development and provide insights into achieving success in this domain.

6 Tools Every Software Developer Should Master

In the ever-evolving world of software development, staying updated with the right tools is crucial for success. These tools enhance productivity, ensure code quality, and foster effective collaboration. Whether you are a novice developer or a seasoned professional, mastering essential tools can significantly impact your career trajectory.

How to use Buildpacks as part of a Platform Engineering strategy

While platform engineering is not a new concept, it has been rapidly gaining popularity. It is estimated that by 2026, 80% of major software engineering organizations are expected to form platform engineering teams. One of the reasons why platform engineering is getting so much attention is that it helps to automate deployment while allowing developers to remain in a productive state and avoid high cognitive loads.