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Scorecard Series: Migrations without the Migraine

Software migrations are an inevitable part of running any technical organization. Whether you're upgrading your database, moving to a new cloud provider, or modernizing legacy applications, migrations are necessary to keep software efficient and secure. Unfortunately, migrations are often a slow and messy processes, dragging across months and potentially years. They are difficult to coordinate, from both managerial and technical standpoints, and often cause a lot of frustration for those involved.

What is Site Reliability Engineering and How it Transforms IT Operations?

In today’s digital age, where downtime can cost companies millions and customer expectations are higher than ever, ensuring the reliability of web services and applications is crucial. This is where Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) comes into play. Born out of the unique operational challenges faced by Google, SRE has evolved into a pivotal discipline within the IT and software development world.
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SSMS 20 - What's new

Sure enough, the latest incarnation of SQL Server Management Studio, version 20.x, is more about evolution than revolution (you can download it here, by the way). And if you haven't gotten acquainted with it yet, here's a brief recap of the newly introduced features and enhancements that you can already get your hands on. We'll also tell you about a surefire way of powering up your stock SSMS with a bundle of add-ins called dbForge SQL Tools, which brings SSMS to the levels of the most demanding users.

Why DevOps Career Path Should Be Your Next Move

Are you looking for a dynamic and rewarding career? Consider a DevOps career path. This field combines development and operations, making it vital for modern tech companies. In a DevOps role, you help create smooth workflows, from coding to deployment. The demand for DevOps professionals is growing, offering job security and competitive salaries.

Streamlining Operations: A Guide to the Top System Monitoring Tools

In information technology, the saying 'you can't manage what you can't measure' rings true. Blind spots in system health lead to reactive troubleshooting and potential outages. System monitoring software bridges this gap, providing real-time visibility into your infrastructure. It empowers proactive management, maximizing uptime, optimizing resource allocation, and enabling informed future planning.
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Advanced Incident Management Strategies for Engineers

The business world is in constant flux, and the way we handle Incident Management (IM) needs to evolve alongside it. Incidents come in all priorities and urgencies, and while some can be addressed with any planning, others are simply unpredictable. That's why businesses can't afford to be caught off guard. The potential consequences of such incidents for businesses have never been greater. A single event can disrupt operations, damage reputations, and result in significant financial losses. Here's where modern and advanced Incident Management practices come into play.