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Completely Digitizing Your Company: Areas to Consider

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, digitization is not just an option but a necessity for companies looking to remain competitive and efficient. Completely digitizing your company involves integrating digital technologies into all areas of your business, to change how you operate and deliver value to customers. Here are key areas to consider when embarking on a comprehensive digital transformation.

From Cloud Adoption to Reversal: Navigating the Hybrid Cloud Advantages Adventure

In the ever-evolving world of IT infrastructure, there’s one question that often ignites passionate debates within IT teams: ‘What’s the golden ticket for our business?’. Hybrid cloud solutions are like stumbling upon hidden treasure in the vast IT landscape. But diving into them isn’t a leisurely stroll—it’s a thrilling adventure, complete with unexpected twists and turns. Each new step reveals new complexities, unraveling the quest for seamless integration.

How Automation can Streamline Azure Cost Tracking and Reporting

In Azure cost tracking, automation is vital for streamlining processes and overcoming challenges associated with manual intervention and invoice analysis. Establishing an automated Azure cost report and tracking system ensures timely insights, facilitating informed decision-making, cost-saving measures, and financial control for organizations using Azure services.

GKE Cost Optimization: Best Practices To Help You Save

GKE is a powerful tool for managing and deploying containerized apps. As organizations expand and fully leverage its capabilities, managing costs becomes a significant challenge. Without a strategy for cutting GKE expenses, cloud spending can quickly spiral out of control. This guide aims to simplify the complexities of GKE pricing and offer actionable cost optimization tips to help you save on costs. We’ll cover insights for making your GKE usage efficient and cost-effective.

Advanced Monitoring And Cost Reporting In Kubernetes

Kubernetes has emerged as the clear cornerstone for orchestrating containerized applications. However, alongside its numerous benefits, Kubernetes introduces its own set of complexities, particularly in monitoring and managing costs. The dynamic nature of Kubernetes — where resources can be scaled up or down in response to demand — makes traditional cost monitoring methods inadequate.

Cloudify your data centre - A guide to VMware infrastructure transformation

You know what’s going on. You’ve been monitoring the situation around VMware for at least a year now. There is no need to convince you that whatever comes next, you have to prepare for a big change. You and your team are already well prepared. You have a budget, timeline and necessary resources. However, one thing that you’re missing is the answer to the “HOW?”. If this is the case, you are in the right place.

A product engineer's highlights from DrupalCon Portland 2024

It was great to be back at DrupalCon Portland 2024, drawing together a diverse mix of Drupal enthusiasts, developers, and industry leaders under one roof. The buzz of new conversations and reuniting friends in the convention halls excites me every year. I returned to Portland for the third year and immediately reminisced on the conference that started it all, DrupalCon Portland 2022. I was back in the place that started my love for the Drupal community!

Cribl Packs a Punch: Unpacking the Integration with Microsoft Azure Sentinel with Cribl Source and Destination Packs

With IT modernization and increased cloud usage, more organizations are looking to Software-as-a-Service offerings for their security and data needs. Microsoft Azure Sentinel is a cloud-based SIEM that security operation centers rely on for data analytics. Cribl makes it easier for Microsoft Azure Sentinel customers to get data into their security analytics platform. Leveraging Cribl Packs, organizations can easily ingest data from various vendors with various formats while requiring little effort.

How to find Idle Azure Resources or Unused Azure Resources?

The focus of this video is to help users identify idle resources within Azure deployments. Azure MVP Michael Stephenson (aka Mike) explains the importance of managing these idle resources, as they can accumulate over time and lead to unnecessary costs without providing any business value. Mike shows how users can utilize the cost analyzer module to identify idle networking resources such as virtual networks (vnets), IP addresses, and subnets. He explains the process of filtering and identifying idle resources within the Azure deployment, using a tree view to model the organization's cost data.

Monitoring the IBM Power Ecosystem using Microsoft Azure

In today’s interconnected and hybrid cloud environments, effective system monitoring is crucial for maintaining performance, reliability, and security. This technical presentation explores how Microsoft Azure enables comprehensive monitoring of the IBM Power ecosystem, explicitly focusing on AIX, Linux on Power, and Linux on Z Series operating systems. Further, active monitoring of HMC and VIOS is considered.