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  |  By Alexander Ospina
Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a plethora of cloud-based services that cater to various needs, from computing power and storage to machine learning and analytics. As organizations scale their cloud infrastructure, managing multiple accounts and services can become increasingly complex. This is where AWS Organizations comes into play.
  |  By Cody Slingerland
VMware’s CloudHealth and Flexera market themselves as two of the best cloud management platforms today. For organizations with on-premises, cloud, and SaaS operations, both offer a wide range of enterprise-level tools and capabilities. Additionally, both companies offer cloud security, compliance, and governance solutions. Yet, each cloud governance platform has its strengths. Each has its tradeoffs. So, before you choose Flexera or CloudHealth, here’s what you need to know.
  |  By Bill Buckley
Cloud spenders of all sizes, but particularly those who have exceeded the $50,000 a month benchmark, know how challenging it can be to extract meaningful insights from their spend environments. As a digital-native company grows, its spend environment naturally gets more complicated — and without a strong organizational framework, what could be a treasure trove of data turns into a rat’s nest of semi-organized, confounding figures.
  |  By Cody Slingerland
As a SaaS leader, you probably understand how crucial it is to get your engineers to make strategic cloud cost decisions. After all, your engineers are responsible for most of the cloud operating costs within your company. Unfortunately, getting engineers to care about costs isn’t always intuitive or easy. In fact, it’s commonly thought to be one of the most difficult challenges faced by SaaS leaders and FinOps specialists.
  |  By Cody Slingerland
As a provider of over 200 cloud products and services, Microsoft Azure provides most of the capabilities you need to manage your cloud workloads. While this breadth of services can be beneficial, it can also create complexity issues, such as reducing cloud cost visibility and increasing security blind spots. Proper Azure cloud management can change this. In this snackable guide, we’ll share what Azure cloud management is, the key tools you need to manage your Azure environment, and more.
  |  By Cody Slingerland
Over the past few years, Google has grown its cloud services to include more than 100 products and services. Today, Google Cloud rubs shoulders with the top two cloud service providers. Yet, managing a Google Cloud environment has become increasingly challenging as the platform expands its GCP tools. It’s not just Google Cloud. The same is true today for other leading public cloud providers. To its credit, Google Cloud provides plenty of tools to help you get the most out of the platform.
  |  By Cody Slingerland
What Does Microsoft Azure Do? Azure Development Tools Azure Cost And Resource Management Tools Azure Security Tools Azure Monitoring And Reporting Tools How To Choose The Best Azure Tools For Your Business View The People, Products, And Processes That Drive Your Cloud Spend With CloudZero Modern cloud environments can be challenging to manage. It doesn’t have to be that way if you use the right tools.
  |  By Dustin Lowman
How Engineering-Led Optimization Works Achieve Cloud Efficiency Without Slowing Down Innovation Historically, cloud cost optimization has been the responsibility of finance teams. Engineers have bought what they claim to need to build top-notch software; finance teams have gotten (and paid) the bill; neither has had an in-depth understanding of what the other is doing.
  |  By Cody Slingerland
Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been the leader in cloud computing for more than ten years. Despite a decade of extensive innovation, no other resource encapsulates the principles of the cloud more than one of their flagship services, Elastic Cloud Computing, also known as EC2. Through EC2, AWS is able to offer flexible and scalable virtual infrastructure that can be ‘rented’ to run applications and workloads.
  |  By Bill Buckley
The 2023 CloudZero Makeover (Rebrand) Role-Based Access Control: New Editor Role Usage Data In Analytics View Your Data By GCP Tags CostFormation® Proportional Allocation Improvements Small Bites If you’ve visited CloudZero lately, you’ve probably seen a few changes. New logo, new app, new website, new look and feel — okay, more than a few changes. What provoked the rebrand?
  |  By CloudZero
CloudZero unveils our new logo and brand.

With CloudZero you get insights about your applications and systems, helping you manage operations at a scale that you’ve never had before. Our platform provides you with insights about every piece of your system, including the real cost of resources, resource utilization, reserved capacity and cost center efficiency.

With the accurate and trusted data provided by CloudZero you can minimize or eliminate under utilized resources, visualize costs for easy comprehension and oversee the entire software lifecycle. Nothing is out of view when using CloudZero’s Observability platform. From regional views to individual resources, you have insights at every level to help you keep your systems running smoothly.

How do we do it?

  • Collect and Normalize: CloudZero’s platform starts by collecting the data from your CloudWatch, CloudTrail, VPC Flowlogs, Lambda Data Events and Billing Data from every AWS account you connect. This part of the platform is isolated in its own account for security and has read-only access to the accounts you connect.
  • Populate the Stream: All of the data collected is normalized and the events, resources, statistics and billing data are organized into data streams which allow our platform to perform real-time analytics on all the data collected.
  • Find Meaning: Our algorithms take in the normalized data and perform complex analytics sifting through all the data to filter noise and enhance signal. We use Machine Learning on a large scale to learn what is valuable to surface.
  • Visualize Everything: The application provides opinionated visualizations of the insights determined by the platform’s AI. From regional system maps to single resources to cost of service broken down by team, CloudZero’s platform provides true observability to everyone in your organization.

Observability for Everyone. Add cost as a first-class metric and understand the financial effect of operational decisions.