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NiCE Active 365 Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM

Monitoring Microsoft 365 is crucial for maintaining a secure and efficient digital workspace. It enables real-time tracking of user activities, ensuring compliance with security protocols and identifying potential threats or anomalies. Continuous monitoring helps in the early detection of issues, preventing downtime and data loss, while also providing insights for optimizing system performance.

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How to Monitor Microsoft Teams Key Metrics

The pandemic has made Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) Platforms like Microsoft Teams essential for remote work. As organizations rely on Teams (and similar applications) for meetings, user experience becomes critical. Many DEM solutions promise effective Microsoft Teams monitoring. However, many such solutions lack data acquisition to measure and quantify results. Many DEM tools struggle with the nomadic nature of work today and can't capture or partition metrics depending on where employees work; hybrid, at home, or at the corporate HQ. This article assesses the effectiveness of performance monitoring compared to other solutions.


Best Practices for Implementing Microsoft Teams QoS

Microsoft Teams has emerged as a vital communication and collaboration platform for modern workplaces. As organizations increasingly rely on Teams to conduct meetings, share files, and collaborate on projects, ensuring a seamless user experience becomes paramount. To achieve this, the implementation of effective Quality of Service (QoS) measures is crucial.


Guide to Office 365 Compliance and Data Governance

In the digital era, businesses face an intricate web of legal and regulatory requirements. Navigating these complexities is crucial for maintaining customer trust, protecting sensitive information, and avoiding legal repercussions. The adoption of cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 has transformed how businesses handle data, bringing both opportunities and challenges in compliance.


Ensuring Robust Security in Office 365

In an era where digital threats are evolving rapidly, securing your Office 365 environment has never been more crucial. Office 365, a suite known for its robust productivity tools, also demands a proactive approach to security. This blog post delves into essential practices and strategies to fortify your Office 365 setup against various cyber threats.


Exoprise Digital Workplace Insight 2023

In the constantly shifting sands of the IT landscape, keeping pace with the rapid technological advancements and fluctuating economic conditions is a challenge that IT professionals face daily. The Exoprise Digital Workplace Insight 2023 Survey provides a crucial barometer for these changes, offering a comprehensive view of the industry through the lens of those who navigate its complexities every day.


The Limitations of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has emerged as a cornerstone of modern workplace collaboration, offering a suite of tools designed to streamline communication and project management. Despite its widespread adoption, it’s crucial to acknowledge that no platform is without its limitations. Understanding these constraints is essential for organizations to navigate potential roadblocks effectively and make informed decisions about their communication infrastructure.