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GripMatix Launches Free Citrix Logon Simulator and SCOM MP

MetrixInsight for Citrix Logon Simulator is a robust solution built around the advanced capabilities of the GripMatix Logon Simulator for Citrix. It continuously conducts and monitors synthetic logon transactions, ensuring 24/7 operation. By complementing real user logon monitoring, synthetic user logon monitoring offers a proactive approach to assessing Citrix environments.

Are dashboards dead? Not quite. They just haven't evolved

In discussions across the tech and data communities in recent years, a provocative idea has been gaining traction: the notion that dashboards are dead. The first time I came across this was in the article by Taylor Brownlow of the same name, "Dashboards are Dead". A worthwhile read. The article suggests that dashboards, as we known them, no longer serve the needs of modern data-driven organizations. Not through their own fault as such, more through misuse or over-asking.

Cloud vs On-Premises Monitoring What if you can´t use the Cloud?

Executive Summary Cloud and on-premises monitoring offer distinct advantages; cloud monitoring provides unmatched scalability and accessibility, while on-premises monitoring ensures enhanced data security, control, and customization. On-premises solutions are essential for industries with strict compliance requirements and sensitive data handling needs, such as healthcare and finance.

Microsoft Unveils System Center 2025

Microsoft recently announced the upcoming release of System Center 2025, the next Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) iteration of its comprehensive suite of management tools for IT infrastructure. Building on the legacy of System Center, which was first introduced in 2008, this new version is slated for general availability in Fall 2024, aligning with the release of Windows Server 2025.