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Product Release

Introducing Products and Environments (Early Access)

Have you ever found yourself wrestling with the complexities of managing ArgoCD applications across multiple environments? Are you constantly juggling naming conventions and struggling to correlate applications representing the same microservice or product? If you’ve been deep in the trenches of GitOps, you’ve likely encountered these challenges firsthand.

Driving Network Automation Innovation: Kentik and Red Hat Launch Integration

We’re excited to announce a new collaboration between Kentik and Red Hat. This partnership will enable organizations to enhance network monitoring and management by integrating network observability with open-source automation tools.

Welcome to the Spring 2024 Release of the Alloy ITSM/ITAM Platform

Get ready for the Spring 2024 update of Alloy Navigator Enterprise! The new release of the Alloy ITSM/ITAM platform marks the completion of the transition to enhanced data views and introduces many exciting features and improvements. Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store for you!

Finding a Better Way to Work in the Cloud!

With the 4.6 release, Cribl.Cloud Enterprise users now have the opportunity to opt-in to a new cloud experience. As a deeply customer-centric company, we listened to your feedback, and we heard you! We are making our user experience efficient, secure, and flexible. As we work to refine this new experience, we invite you to partner with us and share your input to influence this transformation as it makes its way across the entire Cribl suite!

The Cisco AppDynamics On-Premises Virtual Appliance: A modern observability platform with AI-driven insights

A cutting-edge solution that fortifies defenses against security threats, ensures robust performance of SAP applications and business processes, and empowers teams with a proactive approach to maintaining system integrity and operational excellence. Cisco AppDynamics On-Premises Virtual Appliance represents the pinnacle of modern observability, providing IT Operations teams with AI-powered capabilities for rapid and precise anomaly detection and root cause analysis.

Announcing HAProxy ALOHA 16

HAProxy ALOHA 16 is now available, and we’re excited to share that this release includes one of the cornerstone features announced in HAProxy Enterprise 2.9—the next-generation HAProxy Enterprise WAF. Customers of our hardware and virtual load balancer appliances also benefit from four new Layer 4 load balancing algorithms, the upgrade of the Linux kernel to version 6.1, and the ability to bind admin services on a dedicated interface.

Ubuntu Pro for EKS is now generally available

May 14, 2024 – Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, is delighted to announce the general availability of Ubuntu Pro for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). This expansion brings robust security offerings to AWS’ managed Kubernetes service, including enhanced uptime and security through Kernel Livepatch and unrestricted access to Pro containers to Amazon EKS, a managed Kubernetes services to run Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and on-premises data centers.

Introducing Elastic's OpenTelemetry Distribution for Node.js

We are delighted to announce the alpha release of the Elastic OpenTelemetry Distribution for Node.js. This distribution is a light wrapper around the OpenTelemetry Node.js SDK that makes it easier to get started using OpenTelemetry to observe your Node.js applications.