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Understanding DDoS Attacks: Motivation and Impact

DDoS attacks disrupt services and damage reputations, with motivations ranging from political to personal. These attacks can also mask more severe security breaches, so early detection and mitigation are crucial. Learn how Kentik provides a solution by analyzing enriched NetFlow data to identify and mitigate DDoS threats.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Digital Transformation

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, it's not enough for companies to merely adapt to change; they must lead the way in embracing transformative technologies because it’s the only way to grow and stay competitive. In this blog, we'll explore how the fusion of digital transformation and AI transformation is shaping business environments around us.

What Is Network Observability? - 5 Best Platforms for Observability

In today’s world, every business relies on its network infrastructure to achieve its goals. It’s, therefore, critical to monitor your network infrastructure and be aware of how efficient it is. You can achieve this through network observability. What Is Network Observability? The 3 Key Factors of Network Observability Benefits of Network Observability Observability vs.

AppNeta Is Getting a New Look and Feel

Broadcom offers two robust solutions for network operations: DX NetOps and AppNeta. These solutions work together to provide active, passive, and infrastructure monitoring, giving you continuous, end-to-end visibility into your networks. Our vision is to bring DX NetOps and AppNeta closer together to offer experience-driven NetOps—providing a unified solution that delivers comprehensive network visibility and network path analytics.

The Reality of Streaming Telemetry and SNMP

In this LinkedIn Live replay, Kentik's Phil Gervasi and Chris O'Brien delve into the evolving landscape of network monitoring, focusing on the transition from SNMP to streaming telemetry. Despite SNMP's long-standing dominance in network observability, the duo explores its limitations and the rising adoption of streaming telemetry for enhanced granularity and real-time data analysis. With his extensive experience as a network engineer, Chris shares valuable insights into the practical implications of this shift for enterprises of all sizes.

Maintaining Control of Your IT Infrastructure With WhatsUp Gold

Today’s IT infrastructure is an increasingly complex mix of servers, clouds, devices and applications. End-to-end visibility is necessary for network and system administrators to address outages, hardware failures, software performance issues, traffic bottlenecks and potential security threats.

Monitor networks with microscopic precision: Understanding network path analysis

Just as an atom is the building block of all matter, a network packet is a basic unit of data transmitted over a network. But to visualize how atoms makeup a piece of metal, scientists need an electron microscope. Likewise, to visualize, observe, and, most importantly, understand the behavior of network packets in a network, a specialized tool is needed: a network path analysis tool. This tool can visually trace the path taken by network traffic from source to destination.

Streamlining Success: The Core Reasons to Embrace Configuration Management

WhatsUp Gold’s Configuration Management tool is a seamless add-on to the interface; Configuration Management lets you centralize and automate all your management tasks and securely back up device configurations. Watch this webinar and learn how to: Automate configuration management tasks, backups and recovery Bring consistency to your configurations across your device roles Meet security and compliance guidelines with alerting, archiving and automated reporting.

Microsoft 365 APM Profiles using REST API Monitor and Microsoft Graph API

As of WUG 2022 our REST API monitor supports OAuth 2 Client Credentials allowing a daemon application (non user interactive) to authenticate as an application to the Graph API. Using this new capability we created new APM profile to monitor Microsoft 365 and Office 365.