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Detect and diagnose purchase abandonment with automation

By using the Experience Journey Map, users can quickly see where in the browser and mobile journey users are dropping, or where in the conversion process are users most likely having issues. Dive deeper into what may be an underlying cause, perhaps geographic or by device type rather than due to an application fault. Reduce the amount of investigative work and fix what matters most importantly, by pinpointing where and why the user experiences issues.

What Does a Platform Engineer Do? Job Description, Role + Responsibilities

The definition of a platform engineer can be slippery. Ask several IT professionals “What does a platform engineer do?” and you might get several different answers. One platform engineer might be at the intersection of DevOps, AppSec, architecture, and SRE, while another might broadly support infrastructure for all developers in their organization. (Sometimes, in less successful teams, they’re essentially a DevOps engineer with a fancy title.)


Want to Migrate to Cloud? Here's What You Need to Know

Migrating to the cloud, in whole or in part, can be tempting for organizations of all sizes. The cloud offers agility, potential cost savings, and scalability — all without a commitment to physical devices. But what about the risk? Migrating to the cloud can be a complicated undertaking with the potential for missteps and hidden expenses. You’ll need to take a careful look at why you want to migrate to the cloud, as well as do the work researching cloud vendors and migration approaches.


Build Operational Resilience with Generative AI and Automation

For modern enterprises aiming to innovate faster, gain efficiency, and mitigate the risk of failure, operational resilience has become a key competitive differentiator. But growing complexity, noisy systems, and siloed infrastructure have created fragility in today’s IT operations, making the task of building resilient operations increasingly challenging.


Digital Disruption in Financial Services: Getting Ahead with Automation

The state of financial services today spotlights core banking digitization and the bigger-than-life disruption it’s causing in the industry. It makes sense that going to the bank sounds like an errand people no longer need to run. Even though 77 percent of banking consumers still use traditional banks in some capacity, 43 percent keep their funds elsewhere, and 61 percent will likely switch to a digital-only provider, Galileo Financial Technologies found.

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12 Best Ecommerce Automation Tools to Boost Your Sales

Many ecommerce business owners are tired of managing tedious and repetitive tasks, customer service enquiries, returns and complaints. Ecommerce automation might be exactly what you need to streamline your processes, increase efficiency, and ultimately save time and money. This guide explores automation tools for ecommerce that can help improve your online business.


Top 5 Financial Services Trends IT Leaders Must Know to Accelerate Digital Transformation

We could probably sum up the direction the financial services industry is headed in just two words: digital transformation. It’s the buzzy, all-encompassing focus and end goal of financial services organizations near and far, and it’s the big reason why many organizations are thinking about process automation with a greater sense of urgency.

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Workflows in Education: How To Leverage Workflow Automation

Every school encounters a wide range of administrative tasks. Workflow automation software is revolutionizing education by easing the burden of these duties. From managing admissions and scheduling classes to tracking student performance and coordinating events, the list is exhaustive. These crucial responsibilities can distract educators from their primary role: teaching. Imagine an environment free from piled-up paperwork, where schedules update themselves, and notifications arrive autonomously.This isn't a far-fetched dream.