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Puppet Delivers Secure Infrastructure Automation Required for a New Operating Reality

Puppet by Perforce today announced a significant enhancement to the capabilities of its commercial offering with the addition of new security, compliance, and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) capabilities.

AI in Networking: Revolutionizing Network Operations

In the ever-evolving world of network operations, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. With the exponential growth of data, increasing complexity of networks, and rising demand for seamless connectivity, traditional network management methods are becoming insufficient. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the transformative technology poised to radically transform network operations. By integrating AI into network management, organizations can achieve unprecedented efficiency, reliability, and performance.

DISA STIGs: Who Needs Them & How to Enforce DISA STIG Compliance

DISA STIGs are an important compliance standard. There’s a security technical implementation guide (STIG) for almost every kind of technology in an IT environment, and each STIG can include hundreds of individual settings, configurations, and recommendations for ensuring compliance and security.

Feature Friday #10: cf-support

Found a bug, asking for help? Use cf-support to collect info quickly. cf-support was born from interactions supporting Enterprise customers to streamline data collection and was introduced in late 2022 with the release of 3.18.31 and 3.21.02. Furthermore, it was featured on The Agent is In3 episode 21 Troubleshooting with cf-support. It gathers various details about the system and creates an archive that you can attach to your ticket.

Efficient data/file copying on modern Linux

Editing and copying large files or large numbers of files is slow. For a configuration management tool, it is probably one of the slowest things we do, apart from waiting for other programs to finish or waiting for network communication. In this blog post, we look at how to copy files. More specifically, the most performant approaches available on modern Linux systems. We are working on implementing these techniques so CFEngine and all your policy will copy files more efficiently.

False Positive Alerts: A Hidden Risk in Observability

Observability systems are designed to keep tabs on key metrics, identify unusual patterns, and alert teams when things go awry. Despite best efforts, however, these systems are not infallible, and sometimes they send out alerts for issues that don’t exist. This is what we call a false positive. These false alarms can wreak havoc on team efficiency, lead to alert fatigue, and obscure genuine problems. Let’s delve into what false positives are and why they matter so much.

Feature Friday #9: body file control - inputs

Did you know you can include one policy file from another? Traditionally you specify the files you want to make up a policy set using inputs in body common control found in your policy entry (promises.cf by default). body file control lets you specify additional inputs from any file that’s included in the policy and those files can include other files. Let’s check out a contrived example.

Strengthen Your Security in the Cloud: Privacy and Data Security

Managing security in the cloud and throughout hybrid environments is a challenge with high stakes — customer data, sensitive information, access privileges, and other cloud-based assets are all at risk when an organization uses the cloud. Let’s explore some common cloud-based security concerns and learn how to keep your cloud environment secure.

Resolve Actions vs. DIY Automation: Which is Really Better?

When it comes to IT automation, the choice between a service orchestration and automation platform like Resolve Actions or building your own automation engine or workflow tool is a pivotal decision. While each option presents its own set of strengths and considerations, Resolve Actions emerges as a powerful solution for organizations looking to streamline their automation efforts. Here’s why.

School Automation: 10 Processes You Can Automate

School automation is the secret component of robust administration in 2024. ‍ In my two decades of experience as a senior business executive and consultant working with global organizations of all sizes, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of automation across various sectors. Education, in particular, has undergone significant changes with the adoption of automation, revolutionizing administrative processes, and enhancing operational efficiency within schools. ‍