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Puppet Delivers Secure Infrastructure Automation Required for a New Operating Reality

Puppet by Perforce today announced a significant enhancement to the capabilities of its commercial offering with the addition of new security, compliance, and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) capabilities.

Completely Digitizing Your Company: Areas to Consider

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, digitization is not just an option but a necessity for companies looking to remain competitive and efficient. Completely digitizing your company involves integrating digital technologies into all areas of your business, to change how you operate and deliver value to customers. Here are key areas to consider when embarking on a comprehensive digital transformation.

Is NordVPN Really the Top VPN?

In the recent years where online security became the top priority, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) emerged as the essential tools for internet users' everyday use. Among the multiple options available, NordVPN often appears at the top of many recommendation lists and affiliate or review websites. This article examines whether NordVPN truly deserves its reputation as the leading VPN service provider. Let's dive right into it.

Creating a Fake IP Address: A Simple Guide for Better Privacy

Practically everyone in today's modern world has access to the internet. However, various types of digital spying and intrusion have become commonplace. Understandably, many people are looking for ways to conceal their IP addresses. Since hackers are breaking into personal and company networks, it is paramount now more than ever to safeguard your privacy.

Cybersecurity Strategies for MSPs: Expert Advice from Chris Krebs & David MacKinnon

An in-depth keynote conversation from N-able's Empower Conference in Frisco, Texas, featuring cybersecurity experts Chris Krebs and David MacKinnon. Moderated by David Weeks, this discussion dives into the latest trends in cybersecurity, the evolving threat landscape for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and practical advice on building resilient security strategies. Learn how to navigate ransomware threats, understand regulatory impacts, and prepare your organization for future challenges.

The First Principle of AI by Design: Privacy and Security

SolarWinds has launched AI by Design, a dynamic framework for integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into our IT management solutions. AI by Design consists of four fundamental principles: Privacy and Security, Accountability and Fairness, Transparency and Trust, and Simplicity and Accessibility. In the second installment in our series exploring this exciting new paradigm, we’ll examine how SolarWinds places the safety of our customers’ data at the center of our strategy for ethical AI.

DISA STIGs: Who Needs Them & How to Enforce DISA STIG Compliance

DISA STIGs are an important compliance standard. There’s a security technical implementation guide (STIG) for almost every kind of technology in an IT environment, and each STIG can include hundreds of individual settings, configurations, and recommendations for ensuring compliance and security.

Protecting User Data When Using News Database APIs

In today's era, where information is easily accessible with just a click, news database APIs have transformed how we access news content. These APIs empower developers to tap into various news articles and data from origins. Despite the influx of user data stored on these platforms, it is paramount for businesses to prioritize the protection of user privacy and data security.

Optimize Business Continuity by Leveraging Cisco Meraki Support and Server Data Recovery Services

Maintaining uninterrupted operations is crucial for organizations in today's fast-paced business environment. Business continuity refers to keeping essential functions running smoothly, even during disruptive events such as natural disasters, cyberattacks, or technical failures. Many organizations are turning to Cisco Meraki support and server data recovery services to ensure seamless business continuity. This article explores the importance of leveraging these services, their benefits, best practices for integration, and the role of technology in optimizing business continuity.