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Dear ITSM - We need to talk...

Dear IT Service Management, After ten years of working in different areas of tech, I've seen a lot of things, from cybersecurity to DevOps to ITSM. I've discovered that no matter what industry you're in, they all have one thing in common: they're overcomplicated to bits (ha, pun intended. Get it? Bits... tech...). ITSM is no exception. When talking to customers and industry experts, the pain points experienced are essentially the same.

Insights From SolarWinds Day: A Trusted Vision for Government IT

Innovative cybersecurity measures play a crucial role in safeguarding digital assets and critical infrastructure in an increasingly interconnected world. At SolarWinds, we’re passionate about understanding evolving cyber risks and committed to the public-private partnerships needed to combat threats.

Introduction to Observability

These days, systems and applications evolve at a rapid pace. This makes analyzing the internal performance of applications complex. Observability emerges as a path to efficient and effective operational insights. Imagine a team of doctors monitoring a patient’s vitals—heart rate, temperature, blood pressure. These readings, combined with observation of symptoms, paint a picture of the patient’s health. This allows doctors to diagnose issues and provide care.

Is It the End of Abundance in Tech?

After 15 years working on SQL Server and believing the world revolved around databases, I came to SolarWinds where I could learn more about operational technology and its role in full-stack observability. I've had fun watching these two industries collide, delivering on the promise of better value for businesses. I recently read “End of Abundance in Tech” by Ben DeBow, and it encouraged me to think about what the next big market shift will mean for my industry.