'The Story of Grafana' documentary: Celebrating OSS, community, and innovation

On Dec. 5, 2013, Torkel Ödegaard made the first commit in GitHub for a personal project that would become Grafana. “It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since Torkel launched Grafana, growing from a small man with a big dream to becoming the most popular data visualization software in the world,” says Grafana Labs co-founder and CEO Raj Dutt. “The Story of Grafana” chronicles that meteoric journey.

The Story of Grafana | Episode 1: Democratize Metrics | Grafana Documentary

Through first-hand accounts and archival footage, the first episode of this documentary revisits the origin story behind the open source project, Grafana, and the cultural revolution around democratizing metrics. Featuring: Torkel Ödegaard (Creator of Grafana, Co-founder and Chief Grafana Officer, Grafana Labs) Carl Bergquist (Principal Engineer, Grafana Labs) Daniel Lee (Former Director of Engineering, Grafana Labs) Raj Dutt (Co-founder and CEO, Grafana Labs) Anthony Woods (Co-founder, Grafana Labs)

Monitoring Microsoft Windows with Grafana Cloud: new updates

Windows is widely used by developers, businesses, and individuals alike. Renowned for its adaptability, security, and reliability, the operating system is a preferred choice for servers, desktops, and embedded devices. It also holds a significant presence in the cloud, serving as the foundation for numerous major websites and applications.


Log management with Grafana Cloud: 4 observability experts share their move from OSS to Grafana Cloud Logs

While we built Grafana Loki as an open source log aggregation system that is cost effective and easy to operate, let’s face it: sometimes there is no time or bandwidth to mess around with self-managing and self-hosting. Luckily there’s the fully managed Grafana Cloud observability stack for log management. “Grafana Cloud is a no-BS platform. The engineering costs of hosting it ourselves would be much higher," says Jameel Al-Aziz, a software architect at Paradigm.


Observability with Grafana Cloud: Explore the latest and greatest features

Grafana Cloud constantly evolves to include new, cutting-edge features for end-to-end observability. In fact, just last month at ObservabilityCON 2023, we made a number of updates to our fully managed observability platform, including the general availability of Grafana Cloud Application Observability, Grafana SLO, and Adaptive Metrics.


Grafana Agent v0.38 release: new OpenTelemetry components, configuration improvements, and more

Grafana Agent v0.38 has hit the digital shelves just before the holiday season! 🧑‍🎄 The elves over at Grafana Labs have been quietly working on Grafana Agent, with more than 50 updates for all SREs and developers to use — no matter if you’re on the naughty or nice list. This includes new features, improvements, bug fixes, and significant ease-of-use changes.