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Mobile app observability with OpenTelemetry, Embrace, and Grafana Cloud

We are excited to announce an expansion of our partnership with Embrace to bring mobile observability to our users using open standards like OpenTelemetry. We first worked with Embrace last year when they created a plugin for Grafana that gives mobile teams an easy way to visualize and analyze real-time mobile metrics directly in a Grafana dashboard.

How to Scale and Standardize Observability Practices: Hear from Canva and Atlassian | Grafana

This panel discussion, featuring Jenna, Director of Engineering, Reliability Platforms at Canva and Andrew, Head of Engineering at Atlassian, explored the challenges and strategies of implementing standardization in large tech companies. Atlassian, known for its software development and collaboration tools, initially faced resistance to standardization but shifted as inefficiencies and compliance issues emerged. Canva, a graphic design platform, highlighted the balance between flexibility and standardization, using observability tools for accountability.

A guide to Grafana OnCall SMS and call routing

Many organizations use incident response setups that enable them to page on-call personnel via calling or sending a message to a phone number. In this guide, you will learn how to configure such a system by using Grafana OnCall. For practical purposes, we’ll pair it with Twilio, though the same basic workflow should be applicable to other platforms. We will start with a basic setup that uses a phone number in Twilio to both call and send SMS messages to a webhook integration in Grafana OnCall.

How to Scale Observability with Grafana, Tempo, Loki, and Prometheus | Dojo | Grafana

In this talk, Roberto, a staff engineer at Dojo, outlines the company's journey toward achieving advanced observability, which has been crucial for their reliability efforts over the past three years. Dojo, a payments provider in the UK, has focused on evolving their observability practices, initially starting with basic monitoring and progressing towards comprehensive observability, encompassing metrics, traces, and logs.

Scaling Monitoring & Observability for a Software Platform with Grafana Cloud | Builder.ai | Grafana

In this talk, Utsav and James from Builder.ai discuss their journey in scaling their composable software platform. Builder.ai empowers users, from entrepreneurs to enterprises, to build and innovate without dealing with technical complexities. The focus of the talk is on their Developer Service platform and the integration of Grafana Cloud for monitoring and observability.

Streamlining runtime diagnostics with on-demand profiling: Inside Roblox's observability stack

Each day, more than 70 million active users sign into Roblox to create, play, and interact with each other through virtual experiences. And regardless of what those experiences are, exactly — adopting a pet, completing an obstacle course, or fulfilling orders at a virtual pizza parlor — the Roblox observability team is dedicated to making them seamless.

How to Deploy Grafana on Kubernetes Using Helm | Grafana | Tutorial

How to deploy Grafana on Kubernetes using Helm Charts, customize the default configurations from values.yaml and also debug the logs? Join Senior Developer Advocate Syed Usman Ahmad in this complete hands-on tutorial and learn to easily deploy Grafana into a Kubernetes namespace via Helm charts.