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How IT administrators can streamline operations using the LogicMonitor API

In today’s fast-paced IT ecosystem, agility and efficiency are not just goals but necessities. So why waste an hour (or more) manually onboarding individual devices when you can leverage the LogicMonitor API to automate the onboarding process for an entire site in just minutes from a simple CSV file? In this article, we’re going to review how LogicMonitor administrators can maximize efficiency and transform their IT operations using LogicMonitor’s REST API and Powershell.

Observability benefits of Cisco Catalyst Center integration

LogicMonitor’s agentless collection has long provided customers with many benefits for collecting telemetry data directly from network devices. Recently, LogicMonitor added another feature, enabling the discovery of devices/sites and the collection of telemetry data from the Cisco Catalyst Center. Retaining options is essential due to the pros and cons associated with each approach.

How to enhance network monitoring: 3 anomaly detection use cases

In the LM Envision platform, anomaly detection for metrics is referred to by the feature name “Dynamic Threshold” rather than the more generic machine learning term “anomaly detection.” Dynamic thresholds allow users to identify and set custom alert thresholds based on observed data points. Metric thresholds in rules-based systems are effective when the desired outcome is clear. However, static thresholds may not anticipate emerging issues.

How LM Envision removes the logs blindfold

Rules are excellent when you know precisely what you want to match, typically based on experience. Yet rules only let you observe what you have learned to look for. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) contribute significantly to observability – detecting errors and early warning signs that were previously unobservable. LM Envision supports metric and log anomaly detection. This blog discusses how LM Envision Log Anomalies uncovers previously unknown anomalies.

Why AI is crucial to your hybrid observability strategy: LogicMonitor's latest innovations

At LogicMonitor, we are deeply committed to a mission that goes beyond the conventional: revolutionizing IT monitoring through hybrid observability powered by AI. This ambition is not merely a slogan but the cornerstone of our entire approach. Our LM Envision platform was purposely designed to bring together diverse IT environments under one seamless, integrated experience. Enterprises have complex IT ecosystems.

AI vs. ML: What's the Difference? + What is #aiops in 60 Seconds | #backtobasics | LogicMonitor

Ever wonder what #machinelearning (#ml) really means? Or how it's different from #ai? What even is #aiops? This #BackToBasics short explains it ALL in plain English! #shorts Follow us...

Hybrid observability made easy: introducing LogicMonitor's new UI

IT monitoring is evolving rapidly, and LogicMonitor is at the forefront of this transformation with the release of LogicMonitor’s new user interface (UI). This release marks a significant milestone, reflecting our commitment to innovation, responsiveness to user feedback, and anticipation of future technological trends.