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April 2024

Automate & orchestrate CI/CD at scale with Dynamic Pipelines in Bitbucket Cloud

In this video, Edmund Munday (Sr. Product Manager, Bitbucket Cloud) will introduce you to Dynamic Pipelines. Dynamic pipelines allow you to inject intelligence and flexibility into your CICD workflows, addressing the challenges of static YAML files. I will be showcasing an internal feature called Manage Builds that automates the entire process of creating CICD workflows, ensuring compliance with best practices & standardising CI/CD across a whole organisation - all whilst maintaining flexibility and autonomy for individual teams.

Securing Your Container Images Using the Codefresh OIDC Provider and Keyless Signing

Deploying software to your internal systems or sending releases to external customers is a process that ideally follows strong security requirements in an end-to-end manner. In a perfect world, every software release should come with at least the following guarantees In the world of CI/CD we are mostly interested in binary artifacts and how they were created all the way from the initial release up until they reach production.

Ensure your models flow with the JFrog plugin for MLflow

Just a few years back, developing AI/ML (Machine Learning) models was a secluded endeavor, primarily undertaken by small teams of developers and data scientists away from public scrutiny. However, with the surge in GenAI/LLMs, open-source models, and ML development tools, there’s been a significant democratization of model creation, with more developers and organizations engaging in ML model development than ever before.

Supporting Next-Level Enterprise Scale in Software Development

What it means to be “enterprise grade” has changed. In software development, the size of new artifacts and the pace of development has increased dramatically. Developers are now releasing new components daily, if not multiple times a day. With containerization, and now AI/ML models, new pieces of software can be multiple GBs or larger.

Introducing Dynamic Pipelines: A new standard in CI/CD flexibility

Bitbucket cloud is on a mission to become the world’s most extensible cloud SCM and CI/CD product, and we're thrilled to be able to share the next stage of that journey. Upcoming Webinar: Join us for a live-webinar on May 8th/9th, 2024 for a deep-dive into building your own Dynamic Pipelines. Today, we're announcing the release of a new capability in Bitbucket Cloud called Dynamic Pipelines.

Test Automation Best Practices Maximizing Efficiency and Effectiveness

Test automation has become an indispensable part of software development, ensuring faster releases, higher quality, and overall cost-effectiveness. However, to reap the full benefits, it’s crucial to implement best practices that maximize efficiency and effectiveness. In this blog post, we’ll delve into some key strategies and tips for achieving optimal results with test automation.

DevOps Debriefs: How The Financial Times Beat Leaks with OIDC

In our first instalment of DevOps Debriefs, join Cloudsmith and special guest Rob Godfrey, Senior Technical Architect at the Financial Times (FT) for a discussion on the crucial role of authentication and credential management in ensuring software pipeline security. We’ll discuss: Innovative strategies that empowered the Financial Times team to overcome software supply chain risks in their pipelines. How the team responded to the fallout of the CircleCI breach by using OIDC with CircleCI and Cloudsmith.

Evolving Bitbucket Pipelines to unlock faster performance and larger builds

Bitbucket Pipelines has seen amazing adoption over recent years, with millions of developers and teams using it to build better software every day. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving performance and reliability, we are in the process of making enhancements to our cloud infrastructure. These changes will also unlock a range of powerful new capabilities for customers that will turbocharge their CI/CD workloads and empower engineers to focus more of their energy on building great software.

The Future of Testing Unlocking Potential with Automation

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, testing plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality, reliability, and performance of applications. As technology continues to advance, the future of testing is deeply intertwined with automation, offering immense potential for improving efficiency, speed, and accuracy in the testing process.

Automating Quality Accelerating Testing Processes for Agile Development

software development, agility is key to success. Agile methodologies have revolutionized how teams approach projects, emphasizing collaboration, flexibility, and rapid iterations. However, this agility comes with its own set of challenges, particularly in ensuring high-quality software within tight timelines. This blog explores the crucial role of automation in accelerating testing processes to meet the demands of agile development.

Elevate and Streamline Your Developer Experience with JFrog-Coder Fusion

It’s a scenario many developers know all too well: a configuration works flawlessly for one team member but doesn’t work for you. Starting a new job brings with it the excitement of fresh challenges and opportunities. However, it also entails the often painful task of setting up your development environment—a process that can be both time-consuming and complex. This setup phase involves installing dependencies, configuring projects, and troubleshooting issues that might arise.

How to Achieve Agility With Stability

In the fast-paced world of modern software development, the demand for innovation is relentless. CI/CD promises many benefits, including agility, team productivity and satisfaction. Doing CI/CD “the right way” though, can feel overwhelming. If your team is pushing code through the CI/CD pipeline more and more often, how do you know that it works? In other words, how do you balance innovation with reliability?

Mastering Test Automation Strategies for Efficient Quality Assurance

In the software development landscape, mastering test automation has become crucial for ensuring efficient quality assurance (QA) processes. Test automation not only accelerates testing cycles but also enhances test coverage and accuracy, leading to higher-quality software releases. This blog explores key strategies for mastering test automation and achieving efficient QA outcomes.

Ep. 17: The Code that Connects: Infrastructure, Innovation and How Community Impacts Them

In this episode, Shon sits down with Marino Wijay, a trailblazer in open-source community engineering. Marino, with his rich expertise in Kubernetes, Istio, EBPF, and more, delves into the evolution of networking, infrastructure automation, and the cloud-native landscape. Join us as we uncover the secrets of full-stack networking, CI/CD pipelines, and the principles of infrastructure as code, all while navigating the dynamic challenges and opportunities within the tech industry.

Maximizing ROI The Business Value of Investing in Automation Solutions

Business environment, maximizing return on investment (ROI) is crucial for staying competitive and achieving sustainable growth. One area that has proven to be highly effective in driving ROI is investing in automation solutions. Automation not only streamlines processes and increases efficiency but also brings tangible business value across various aspects of an organization. Let’s delve into the key reasons why investing in automation solutions is essential for maximizing ROI.

Role and responsibelities of DevOps, SRE, Platform Engineering, and Cloud Engineering

Role: DevOps (Development and Operations) is a cultural and professional movement that focuses on collaboration between software development and IT operations teams, aiming to automate and streamline the software delivery process.

Ensure continuous delivery by monitoring Jenkins pipeline performance

Jenkins pipelines play a pivotal role in achieving continuous delivery in software development processes. Continuous delivery (CD) is a software delivery approach aimed at ensuring that code changes are systematically and automatically prepared for release to production. In modern software development practices, CD pipelines streamline the process of building, testing, and deploying software, enabling organizations to accelerate software delivery and provide value to its customers.

Upcoming changes to pull requests and merge check configuration

As part of the graduation of custom merge checks from open-beta to general availability (GA) that is planned for late-April 2024, we're making a range of changes to several areas of the core Bitbucket Cloud workflow. This includes changes to the core pull request review and authoring experience, as well as changes to how merge checks are configured within a repository. Different changes will be relevant to different audiences, so feel free to use the navigation shortcuts below.

Uplevel your DevOps automation with new Bitbucket Cloud extensibility

Today, modern software organizations’ requirements for DevOps tooling has become more sophisticated and bespoke. We hear from many customers that they are building large, complex systems to augment and extend their DevOps workflows in ways that don't work well with the tools they're using. This is why Bitbucket Cloud is on a mission to become the world's most extensible cloud SCM and CI/CD product.