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Why Shopify Hydrogen is a Game Changer for Retailers

The Shopify team released the preview of Hydrogen for developers back in 2021 with the intention of bringing more personalized and faster user experiences. Has this become true, and is Shopify Hydrogen really a game changer for retailers today? In this review, we try to figure it out by exploring Shopify Hydrogen's capabilities and the benefits of adopting a headless approach through Shopify Hydrogen development.

The CTO Pocket Guide to Internal Developer Portals

The engineering macro-climate is in crisis. Market dynamics have put increased pressure on teams to ship faster in order to stay competitive, while budgets are under significant scrutiny. At the same time, the advent of new tools and architectures promising high-velocity, collaborative development increasingly lack the implementation structure needed to preserve their benefits. As a result, onboarding is stalling out, incidents are up, and deployments are down.

11 Best Tools To Improve Your Developer Experience (DevEx)

Developer Experience (DevEx) refers to the various tools, practices, and environments that developers interact with to make their work more streamlined and productive. The value of DevEx is immense, as a better developer experience is directly tied to increased productivity and the production of higher-quality software. I have shortlisted 11 great tools that provide an outstanding developer experience by automating routine tasks, encouraging collaboration, and reducing hurdles in the development journey.

What is Developer Experience (DevEx) and Why It Matters?

Developer Experience (DevEx) has rapidly gained attention and emerged as a pivotal factor influencing not only the efficacy of software creation but also the overall satisfaction and productivity of developers. But what exactly is DevEx, and why is it so crucial? In this article I will address the multifaceted nature of DevEx, exploring its significance, components, and practical strategies to enhance it.

CI/CD: The Key to Accelerating Software Development and Delivery

The CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) pipeline stands as a pivotal tool in modern software development. It comprises a sequence of automated steps essential for delivering updated software versions seamlessly. CI/CD pipelines are pivotal in enhancing software delivery across the development lifecycle through automation.

The Forensics Of React Server Components (RSCs)

In this article, we’re going to look deeply at React Server Components (RSCs). They are the latest innovation in React’s ecosystem, leveraging both server-side and client-side rendering as well as streaming HTML to deliver content as fast as possible. We will get really nerdy to get a full understanding of how RFCs fit into the React picture, the level of control they offer over the rendering lifecycle of components, and what page loads look like with RFCs in place.

2024's Essential Guide on Hotel Property Management System (PMS): Types, Benefits & Core Features

What can the right property management system do for your business? From optimizing operations to improving guest experience, selecting an effective PMS is crucial for success in hospitality. This guide cuts to the core, outlining the pivotal types, features, and benefits of these systems, tailored to your needs without overcomplicating your choice.

Xamarin alternatives for cross-platform mobile development

Xamarin is now officially sunset, leaving many developers seeking other options for cross-platform mobile development. If you’re one of them, don’t panic. While Microsoft themselves have shifted towards.NET MAUI, it’s not the only option – there are several robust frameworks that can match Xamarin’s capabilities, and even introduce exciting new features and efficiencies. Let’s look at some leading alternatives to keep your mobile projects thriving.