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Supply Chain

Key Factors to Consider When Planning an Expansion of Your Warehouse

Expanding your warehouse is a strategic move that requires careful planning to ensure success. Whether you're scaling up due to increased demand or optimizing operations, key factors must be considered to navigate the complexities of warehouse expansion effectively. Here are crucial considerations to keep in mind as you plan the expansion of your warehouse.

How Cloudsmith Helped Protect the Software Supply Chain in 2023

As the "new guy" here at Cloudsmith (I was named CEO in August), I'm learning more every day about how customers use us to protect their software supply chains. We're doing everything we can to give you a single source of truth for every artifact - whether it's an open source package, a Docker container, a Linux image - that enters your software supply chain, and everything that you produce on the other side.

Three Predictions for Supply Chain Operations in 2024

The holiday season is here and it’s time for everyone’s favorite guessing game: predictions for next year. It’s an interesting one this year because there are a lot of dynamics to consider, and trying to dial in on just a few is a slight to many other topics. Geopolitics, regional economic recessions — these are covered in a wide variety of industry publications, and I’ll yield the floor to them this year.

Understanding Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in Software Supply Chain

A Node.js module with nearly two million downloads a week was compromised after the library was injected with malicious code programmed to steal bitcoins in wallet apps. Join us as we delve into a real-world zero-day supply chain attack. Understand the response that followed, and how attacks like this can be mitigated. Learn from David Gonzalez, Principal Engineer at Cloudsmith and Member of the Node.js security working group, as he walks us through the incident.

Manufacturing Mastery: How to Boost Quality and Profits with These Proven Tips

Manufacturing is the backbone of countless industries worldwide, and achieving mastery in this field is crucial for businesses looking to maximize their profits and maintain a competitive edge. From optimizing quality control to streamlining production processes, manufacturers must continually adapt to meet the demands of a dynamic market. In this comprehensive blog post, we will explore various strategies and tips for achieving manufacturing mastery, ultimately enhancing both the quality of your products and your bottom line.

Security Businesses Should Never Neglect

Security needs to be a key component of any business operation. These days, there are numerous security threats that organizations of all sizes and in all industries face. Security issues can be the downfall of any business and hard to recover from, so it is vital that business owners prioritize security and know how to protect their business. So, what security should businesses focus on and never neglect? There are a few key areas that you should address that will help you develop strong protection against the most prominent security threats. Keep reading to find out what security you must not neglect.

Understanding a release-first approach to software supply chain management

For anyone involved in software development, the “infinity loop” is synonymous with DevOps — and rightfully so. We know that software is rarely in a static state for very long. Continuous updates are required to meet the demands of users and to deliver more value, faster than the competition.