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February 2023

Deploy Access Restricted Azure website from DevOps Pipelines

We have a couple of internal websites hosted on Azure. Websites that require authentication and should only be accessed from our IP. This can easily be configured using Access Restrictions in Azure. But when doing so, you exclude the dynamic IP range for Microsoft-hosted Azure DevOps build agents. In this post, I'll show you how we set up deployment to the Access Restricted websites with a bit of PowerShell magic.

Containerization 101 | Getting Started & Best Practices

Containers and Microservices architectures are no longer the new kid on the block, and it may be time to take a fresh look at your ecosystem. In this session we will provide a baseline for getting started with containerization in 2023 with a strong emphasis on security. To help the novice and the seasoned veteran, we’ll navigate topics that apply to all, including.

A Live Chat with JFrog: 2023 Software Package Trends

While there are lots of #datareports out there, JFrog’s "2023 Software Artifact State of the Union" is the first of its kind to examine what types of packages and #binaries are leveraged in creating and delivering consumer-ready #software. Join JFrog Solution Engineering Manager, William Manning and Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Sean Pratt for a live Q&A chat.

Complete your Software Supply Chain with GitLab CI/CD and JFrog

Software is more than building code. Developing software and ensuring quality builds requires managing a complete software supply chain. With the many security threats across the supply chain, managing each and every aspect of the software you deliver to your customers, including the entire process of how it was made, is critical to your organization. This means setting up your software release cycle to include DevOps and security best practices.

Get your team to adopt DORA metrics when you're already on board

Need help getting your teams to adopt DORA metrics? Join this live stream on Thursday, February 23 at 9 a.m. PT to learn how. Sleuth TV Live is back for season 2! It's a common reality: You're already on board with DORA metrics and ready to run with them, but now you need to get your teams to adopt DORA metrics. How? We'll share 5 ways we use DORA metrics at Sleuth to shed light on the possibilities for your own team.

Terraform Provider Enhancements

The team at Cloudsmith is excited to build upon our past support and integration with Hashicorp Terraform to include managing teams, update repository settings, and manage services (API Keys) via the Terraform Provider Module. The team at Cloudsmith is excited to build upon our past support and integration with Hashicorp Terraform to include managing teams, update repository settings, and manage services (API Keys) via the Terraform Provider Module.

Automate Your Deployments on Kubernetes Using GitHub Workflows and JFrog Artifactory Custom Webhooks

Full automation makes your Continuous Deployment (CD) faster, seamless and less error prone. For example, triggering the deployment of your Helm Chart when a Docker image is pushed to production. The latest JFrog Artifactory release makes this easy! With a new Custom Webhook feature that enables a direct integration with a variety of services such as Gitlab Pipelines, Jenkins and GitHub Actions.

Deploy autoscaling self-hosted runners using AWS CDK

You can use CircleCI’s cloud resources to run your CI/CD jobs, but there may be times you want to run them on your infrastructure. If your team imposes privileged access and control requirements, a self-hosted infrastructure might be best for running your jobs. CircleCI’s self-hosted runners lets you do exactly that. It is easy to get started and start using self-hosted runners.

How Article Turns a Spotlight on At-Risk Work to See Gains Beyond Metrics

Torsten Sinnemann from Article shares how he and his teams use Sleuth's new Work in Progress feature to improve beyond just metrics and boost efficiency, morale and value.‍ Sleuth gives software development and engineering teams the most complete and accurate visibility into DORA metrics across your organization and projects. Work-in-progress metrics can also be helpful for communicating execution status to stakeholders, and for tracking if improvement initiatives being implemented are making a difference.

Tips to lead software teams and manage up in a challenging market

We’ve all seen the news about tech layoffs. If you’re an engineering manager, are you having to squeeze more out of existing teams, because adding staff anytime soon is unlikely? Maybe you’re tempted to micromanage your developers, thinking that if you know every aspect of their work, it’ll boost productivity. But, that approach doesn’t feel right, and you know your devs would hate you for it. What’s an engineering manager to do?

Monitor your Argo CD clusters with Datadog

Argo CD is a declarative continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes developed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Argo CD automates your application deployment by continuously monitoring the live state of your containers and comparing it against the desired state in your Kubernetes manifest files, then pulling changes into your Kubernetes clusters as needed.

Gene Kim on what makes teams great

To kick off season 3, Rob is joined by DevOps enthusiast and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, Gene Kim. Gene has spent years researching and documenting the evolution of DevOps. In this episode, hear Gene conceptualize high-performing teams using a group of painters and movers. What can this model show us about the intricacies and challenges all teams face?

IoT Management with JFrog Connect (5-Minute Demo)

JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently monitor, manage and update edge and IoT devices at scale. You can quickly register thousands of devices, organize them into logical groups, automate software updates for entire device fleets, and leverage secure tools to remotely troubleshoot devices from the comfort of your laptop.

Continuous deployment of a Dockerized .NET Core app to AWS ECR

Containers are a useful tool for deploying applications because they allow for the packaging of an application’s code, libraries, and dependencies into a single, isolated unit. This makes it easy to deploy and run the application on any computer or server that has the necessary container software installed.

JFrog Pipelines

JFrog Pipelines is a next-generation CI/ CD automation and orchestration tool that embraces and enhances your pipeline processes. It provides a centralized command and control mechanism across all your DevOps Pipelines. It is part of the most comprehensive universal platform for global DevOps, the JFrog Platform.

Collect and Manage your Binary Metadata using Build-Info

Our modern life depends on software from the most trivial to critical task. How software is built, behaves and what actually contains are fundamental questions that almost all stakeholders of the Software Development Life Cycle need to know. Being able to effectively manage your binaries (aka software packages, artifacts, containers, images…) provides full control over your binary lifecycle.

DevOps isn't dead: How platform engineering enables DevOps at scale

DevOps has become the de facto methodology in software development. With it, software engineers can take operations into their own hands, using techniques such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to automate infrastructure deployment. However, as the popularity of DevOps has grown, so has the complexity of modern application development. Developers must learn new tools and maintain infrastructure while coding and prioritizing ops tasks alongside feature development.

CircleCI Technical Demo + Q&A

Join us for a high level tour of CircleCI, and learn how to most effectively utilize the platform’s features and capabilities. Every first and third Wednesday, we’ll be offering a technical demo so you can learn best practices and have all your CircleCI questions answered. Topics Covered: How it works: the nuts and bolts of the product Why CircleCI can make developers’ jobs easier and more rewarding How CircleCI can support your security posture by ensuring organizational policies and guardrails are met Greater visibility by surfacing trends and status across your organization

JFrog's Software Artifact State of the Union is Here! See What's Actually Being Used in Software Technology Today

As software development becomes more complex, it’s important for IT and software leaders to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Tools like Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey and the Tiobe Index can be helpful, but they rely on indirect data and don’t provide a full picture of what’s actually being used in production. JFrog’s Software Artifact State of the Union is different.

New CircleCI features for secure secrets management

When security incidents happen, it’s crucial for software providers and users alike to take swift and effective action. In response to our recent security incident, we witnessed firsthand how an open and collaborative effort between our customers, technology partners, and engineering teams helped to contain the threat and mitigate risk of unauthorized access to customer systems.

DORA Metrics Best Trackers Comparison Guide [Feb 2023]

If you're a DevOps team looking for ways to improve your performance, you've probably heard of the Accelerate and DORA metrics. Tracking your performance with these metrics is a challenge, requiring good tooling. You might be tempted to build your own tracking solution, but you don’t need to! Due to the growing popularity of DORA metrics, several tracker tools are available on the market. But how do you choose the best DORA metrics tracker for you? This handy comparison guide will help!

Simplify and Secure Your CI Pipelines with Codefresh

Creating effective Continuous Integration pipelines is a daunting task that requires combining knowledge from different areas. At Codefresh we have always strived for a fast feedback loop between both customers and prospects in regards to pipeline speed and simplicity. We always want to improve the onboarding process for everybody regardless of their position in the cloud native journey.

Integrate CircleCI with HashiCorp Vault using OIDC

Well-designed secrets management is a delicate balancing act between security and usability. Secrets must be easily accessible to the right users when building and deploying, but they must also at the same time be well-secured and easy to rotate. This article will cover how to thread this needle by integrating CircleCI with HashiCorp Vault and retrieving secrets using short-lived OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication tokens.

Crossplane's Quest for Scale as the first next-gen infra management tool - GitOps the Planet #7

Crossplane is a next-generation infrastructure management tool that brings cloud-native primitives to managing all kinds of infrastructure, not just Kubernetes but really any infra. The value is huge, especially when doing GitOps, but how is Crossplane tackling scale to handle so many types of resources? We’ll find out in this episode with Viktor Farcic.

Github Checksums and Broken Pipelines: How to Prevent Disruptions

This week, GitHub changed how the archives they provided are made. The result of this change surprised developers, triggering pipeline failures all over the world in most ecosystems. This change has thankfully been retracted. Hear from JFrog Developer Advocate, Christopher McArthur on why this took place and the best practices to prevent future disruptions to your pipelines.

2023 Predictions for DevOps and Supply Chain Security

Welcome to 2023! The year of the Linux Desktop, the rise of AI, Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), DevOps is Dead, Platform Engineering is Alive, and a CNCF landscape that won’t be getting any simpler! Seriously, the technology and software sector is growing at a faster pace than any time I can ever recall. Where do we even begin? I hope you enjoy some predictions and trends that will become more and more evident in 2023.