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July 2023

Diagnosing SAP performance issues with AppDynamics Snapshots

AppDynamics monitors every execution of a business transaction within an application that has been instrumented, either using our agents or through OpenTelemetry. Both Business Transaction and Process Snapshots capture the details necessary for gaining a deeper understanding of method call performance...answering questions like, what line of code is taking the longest to run?

Cloud Native Application Observability - Sensitive Data Masking for logs

Masking sensitive data in logs is crucial for ensuring the protection and privacy of sensitive information. If exposed, personally identifiable information (PII), financial details, and healthcare records pose significant risks. By masking this data in logs, organizations can prevent unauthorized access, comply with data protection regulations, mitigate insider threats, reduce the attack surface for potential breaches, and enable effective auditing and investigation without compromising sensitive information.

Application Observability: A critical priority to optimize application performance and accelerate innovation

Research published by Cisco AppDynamics highlights the challenges that IT teams are facing in managing application availability and performance within hybrid IT environments. The new report, The Age of Application Observability, reveals the levels of complexity that technologists are encountering as they implement cloud native technologies alongside existing on-premises applications and infrastructure.

Full-stack observability starts with APM and AppDynamics

How AppDynamics APM, Cloud Native Application Observability and the Cisco FSO Platform can provide a full-stack, holistic view of application performance, user experience, security posture and business impact. Recently, a customer asked me how Cisco’s investment in full-stack observability benefits traditional AppDynamics customers. To answer, first, let’s take a moment to discuss how Cisco AppDynamics fits into Cisco Full-Stack Observability.

AppDynamics Cloud is now Cloud Native Application Observability, powered by the Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform

AppDynamics Cloud is now Cloud Native Application Observability powered by Cisco Full-Stack Observability (FSO) Platform. With Cisco FSO Platform extensibility, the introduction of new modules will extend observability use cases supported by Cloud Native Application Observability. In addition, we are expanding our Multi-Cloud Observability strategy to include visibility into Google Cloud Platform with this release.

Integrating Cisco AppDynamics and Cloud Native Application Observability for unified hybrid cloud monitoring

Cisco AppDynamics has reached a significant milestone in supporting traditional and modern application monitoring use cases with AppDynamics and Cloud Native Application Observability (formerly AppDynamics Cloud). Many enterprises have yet to complete their journey to modern cloud native architectures, but most have started embracing such a move.