Brno, Czech Republic
  |  By Robert Balzer
Progress Flowmon is a core network monitoring and security tool. Confirming if it is up and running can mean the difference between responding to a data breach or overlooking such a critical event. Like any other critical system, it is a good practice to include the monitoring of Flowmon uptime, resource consumption and health in an IT infrastructure monitoring (ITIM) dashboard, such as Progress WhatsUp Gold.
  |  By Artur Kane
AI-powered Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions have become a staple for identifying the subtle indicators of unknown threats, a crucial element in the constant battle against cyberattacks. While NDR excels in unveiling the shadows of the unfamiliar, it is the traditional signature-based Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) enabling security teams to maximize protection and facilitate targeted responses, particularly when confronting well-known malware.
  |  By Filip Cerny
Endpoint protection has long been fundamental to cybersecurity. But in today’s evolving and expanding digital landscape, with endpoints spanning a wide variety of devices, is traditional endpoint security enough? The ongoing frequency of successful cyberattacks suggests not. Cloud proliferation, remote work and expanding system access add to the challenge. Can you truly trust users to keep their devices secure amidst this shifting landscape?
  |  By Jan Pazdera
From the perspective of network administrator and operator, the fundamental requirements for network applications are the same regardless of the environment they are running in. They need to have their network communication fast, reliable and secure. To meet these requirements, we need to have relevant data about the application traffic.
  |  By Martin Škoda
Flowmon QRadar integration provides a single pane of glass to detect and respond to Flowmon ADS events directly in IBM QRadar. The integration packages were updated to support the latest version of Flowmon products and the IBM QRadar platform. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems are considered foundational elements in a company's security toolkit.
  |  By Filip Cerny
In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, cryptojacking has emerged as a stealthy and financially motivated attack method. In attacks of this type, cybercriminals hijack servers (or endpoint devices) to use the computing resources to “mine” cryptocurrencies. They get a financial benefit from this activity when they sell the newly minted currencies.
  |  By Doug Barney
The Gartner recent report, “Emerging Tech: Top Use Cases for Network Detection and Response”, lays out three primary use case drives, which include: Before we dive deeper into Gartner findings, let’s talk about NDR from a high level.
  |  By Nick Vlasov
In today's fast-paced digital landscape, it's not enough for companies to merely adapt to change; they must lead the way in embracing transformative technologies because it’s the only way to grow and stay competitive. In this blog, we'll explore how the fusion of digital transformation and AI transformation is shaping business environments around us.
  |  By Filip Cerny
In a previous blog, we outlined the essential steps that organizations should take within the first two days after the detection of a ransomware attack. In this follow-up post, we’ll discuss what an organization should do after the initial response to reduce the risks of future attacks. We’ll also highlight how Progress Flowmon can support ongoing network monitoring, early detection of attacks and reduction of further damage. Webinar: The First 48 Hours of Ransomware Incident Response.
  |  By Filip Cerny
The initial response to a ransomware attack is crucial for determining the damage in terms of downtime, costs, data loss and company reputation. The sooner you detect the activity associated with ransomware, the sooner you can slow its spread. From there, you can take remedial actions to significantly reduce the effects of the attack.
  |  By Flowmon
In this webinar, we will explore tips, trends and best practices for quickly and accurately detecting and responding to an always-evolving array of bad actors. Don't miss the chance to explain why your solution can help strengthen defences and give IT managers some peace of mind in an increasingly scary threat landscape.
  |  By Flowmon
Explore the fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity, unlocking the secrets behind AI’s transformative influence in digital asset protection, during our exclusive webinar, “Enhance Your Cybersecurity by Harnessing the Power of AI.” Our product expert will discuss the wide-reaching impact of AI and teach attendees how to navigate dynamic cybersecurity trends and the ever-evolving threat landscape.
  |  By Flowmon
Description: Watch our webinar and learn more about troubleshooting performance issues with Progress Flowmon! We’ll showcase the powerful Flowmon Monitoring Center and delve into advanced analysis techniques for investigating performance issues reported by clients. Pavel Minarik, VP of Technology at Progress, will guide you through real-world scenarios, providing practical tips and strategies to streamline your troubleshooting process and maintain optimal network and application performance.
  |  By Flowmon
Introduction of Flowmon Application for seemless integration of Flowmon with IBM QRadar.
  |  By Flowmon
Watch our exclusive webinar as we delve into the intricacies of Network Detection and Response (NDR) and explore how to implement it effectively with Progress Flowmon ADS.
  |  By Flowmon
Volkswagen Slovakia's IT and operational technology departments operate and monitor thousands of IP addresses and User ID credentials, as well as hundreds of automated machines. The company trusts Progress® Flowmon® to execute new strategies tied to security monitoring, detecting anomalies and enforcing its Zero Trust Policy. Join us for a Fireside Chat with Marian Klaco, Volkswagen Slovakia's Chief Information Security Officer.
  |  By Flowmon
Watch our insightful webinar as we explore the intricacies of troubleshooting network issues using the Flowmon solution. This session will focus on leveraging the Flowmon Monitoring Center for proactive analysis and resolution of common challenges, including clients encountering difficulties connecting to servers and bandwidth utilization concerns.
  |  By Flowmon
Watch Progress Software and renowned hacker Bryan Seely, to find out how to protect yourself from the latest cyber threats. Learn what vulnerabilities are being exploited and what emerging technologies pose a risk.
  |  By Flowmon
Experience Ransomware attack step by step and see how you can leverage Flowmon AI-powered threat detection to detect and stop ransomware attacks, before it reaches your storage and your critical data. Progress® Flowmon® is a network and security monitoring platform with AI-based detection of cyber threats and anomalies, and fast access to actionable insights into network and application performance. The solution supports cloud, on-prem and hybrid environments suitable for company-wide coverage, market’s fastest deployment time and has been recognised by Gartner since 2010.
  |  By Flowmon
Watch this Education Vertical focused webinar so that you understand how we see Higher Education from Flowmon perspective. You will also be able to watch a real-live example by Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic.
  |  By Flowmon
Learn more about the technical background of Flowmon Enriched Flow Data technology, which enables you to resolve 95% of all troubleshooting cases. Together with on-demand packet capture, Flowmon is an all-in-one platform to successfully monitor and manage your network.
  |  By Flowmon
The patterns of network traffic are changing. Due to global health concerns, face-to-face contact is discouraged and home office has become a necessity, creating new challenges for network monitoring. The sudden global trend of working from home poses dilemmas for network administrators. Do they increase the company bandwidth or change Internet communications policy? In what way have network traffic characteristics changed and what does it mean for you?
  |  By Flowmon
It has been estimated that encrypted traffic provides the cover for almost half of today's cyber-attacks. The concerted, blended, always-morphing and never-ending character of network-borne attacks masked by encryption demands a response in kind.
  |  By Flowmon
Encryption is considered as security by design. It undoubtedly helps to avoid risks such as communication interception and misuse. Therefore it is natural that all responsible organizations adopt encryption as an important way of protecting business critical applications and services. According to Gartner 80 % of web traffic will be encrypted in 2019.

The Flowmon solution creates a secure and transparent digital environment where people rule the network regardless of its complexity and nature. Using machine learning, heuristics and advanced analytics, it enables IT professionals to improve performance and reduce risk across on-premise, datacenter and cloud environments. The solution serves as a shared platform where network and security teams speak the same language, enabling them to work as one for faster mean-time-to-resolve and optimal resource allocation. By delivering highly streamlined deployment to any network type, market-leading support and in-product guidance, the solution provides the fastest time-to-value in the industry.

Unified Digital Performance and Security Solution for:

  • NetFlow/IPFIX Monitoring: The Flowmon appliance captures, stores and processes network telemetry data, including normalization, visualization and analysis.
  • Network detection and response to cyber threats​: Flowmon detect suspicious behaviours, insider threats, unknown threats and other risks that bypass traditional approaches
  • Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments.
  • End-User Experience Monitoring: SaaS, cloud or on-premise, monitor critical app performance unobtrusively and at zero cost in resources. Let applications work for you.
  • Infrastructure Design & Deployment: Understanding traffic structure is how you fine-tune your network configuration.
  • Incident Monitoring & Investigation: Get a clear understanding of relevant events and their circumstances.
  • Encrypted Traffic Analysis: No decryption. Get your complete analytics in real-time without losing privacy.