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  |  By Tiffany Cox
Explore how AI-powered tools like Slack, Salesforce, Canva, and Rootly are revolutionizing the way we work.
  |  By Tiffany Cox
Rootly On-Call streamlines incident management with automated scheduling, noise reduction, and centralized documentation. It mitigates on-call fatigue with features like flexible overrides, shift visibility, and shadow rotations, enhancing team well-being and preventing burnout.
  |  By JJ Tang
Say hello to smarter incident management with smart summaries, mitigation message suggestions, and our new conversational assistant! 🚀✨
  |  By Tiffany Cox
It's completely normal to feel a little overwhelmed and stressed out at work these days. Technology has collaboration moving at the speed of light, and time away from screens is at an all-time low, blurring the lines between work and personal time. Plus, it's hard to ignore the multitude of tech outages that have been making headlines lately, leaving teams anxiously on edge. When you are a professional with on-call cycles, the potential of outages adds another level of complexity to the mix.
  |  By Zhuang (Strong) Liang
It has been lightly revised and reposted with his permission from the original article on Medium. So, you’re training incident commanders (IC), and you have your group read Google’s SRE books. Everyone knows what they are supposed to do and you are ready for any incident, right? Not quite. Half of your team complains that the descriptions are too vague or don’t apply to their situations, and the other half just starts to improvise. The result?
  |  By Rootly
In an era where automation and artificial intelligence are increasingly integral to software development and operations, the 2024 VOID Report sheds critical light on the nuanced impacts of these technologies. Here, we delve deeper into the report's key findings and explore predictions for the near future, weaving a comprehensive narrative highlighting challenges and opportunities.
  |  By JJ Tang
At Rootly, we're integrating AI into incident management with a keen eye on privacy. It's not just about tapping into AI's potential; it's about ensuring we respect and protect our customers’ privacy and sensitive data. Here's a quick overview of how we're blending innovation with strong privacy commitments.
  |  By Kyle McMeekin
In today's fast-paced digital landscape, ensuring the reliability of services is paramount for businesses aiming to deliver seamless user experiences. However, as the complexity of companies' environments grows, ensuring your services, infrastructure and applications are reliable and resilient to failure is challenging. It’s naive to think all services and infrastructure are operating 100% as designed.
  |  By Ryan McDonald
Every quarter, we host a roundtable discussion centered around the challenges encountered by incident responders at the world’s leading organizations. These discussions are lightly facilitated and vendor-agnostic, with a carefully curated group of experts. Everyone brings their own unique perspective and experience to the group as we dive deep into the real-world challenges incident responders are facing today.
  |  By Ashley Sawatsky
Before I stumbled into the tech industry (a story for another day), I spent several years in the customer service world as a server and front-of-house manager in restaurants. It was in these jobs that I first honed some critical skills that would later lead me on the path to incident response.

Rootly is a turnkey incident response command centre that brings the best reliability practices from Google, Netflix, Amazon to those without a million-dollar budget.

Rootly is an all-in-one platform that streamlines collaboration, communication, and learning. It automates away manual toil engineers suffer through today and captures data-driven insights. With Rootly, companies accelerate their incident resolution and learn how to prevent them in the future.

Teams depend on Rootly to improve their reliability:

  • Collaborate: Seamlessly handoff alerts from PagerDuty to quickly declare incidents from your tool of choice like Slack. Automatically involve all the right teams in seconds, not minutes. Beyond just engineering but loop in legal, support, and sales. With intelligent workflows, no more wondering what team owns which service or who should be responsible for what. Rootly does the heavy lifting for you.
  • Communicate: Build your incident timeline through Web or Slack. Autolink war rooms with our Zoom & Google Meet integrations. Rich and customizable private and public status pages ensure everyone is updated while you focus on what you do best, fighting fires.
  • Remediate: Enrich your timeline with automated Genius workflows. Fetch relevant information as recent git commits of your impacted services. Customize your workflows based on any incident condition.
  • Retrospective: Learn from incidents with beautiful postmortems engineers want to write without the manual toil of copy and pasting. Accurately replay past incidents to help simulate real world disaster scenarios to train engineers faster and keep their tools sharp. Organized and easily shared, not buried in a Google Doc that can’t be found.

All-in-one incident response platform for humans.