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March 2023

AppDynamics Cloud integrates with Grafana to add key metrics for dashboards

AppDynamics Cloud releases the first (and only) vendor provided free plugin for GrafanaⓇ OSS. Widely adopted by DevOps, SREs and developers, Grafana has become the go-to dashboarding tool among users—including our own internal teams. As such, Cisco AppDynamics has expanded support and use cases for Grafana by building an open-source integration for AppDynamics Cloud customers, absolutely free of charge!

On-prem vs. cloud deployment models: Which option is best?

Is an on-premises or cloud infrastructure better for your business? It depends. Here’s how to make an informed decision. In the world of technology, there is often a tendency to fall into the trap of “shiny object syndrome” — when we assume newer must mean better. But if that’s the case for cloud environments, could it spell the end of on-premises infrastructures? Cloud computing adoption has become synonymous with modernizing IT infrastructures.