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May 2023

How to ensure HTTP notification delivery

Rely on AppDynamics alerts but consider no alerting system is immune from failure itself. Just like how a power outage could prevent an alarm clock from alerting you at the expected set time, issues can lead to alert failures if say for example, there is a misconfiguration during the setup or perhaps if an endpoint or gateway communication goes offline. Being able to rely on alerts is necessary, expecting one when a system is experiencing a health-related issue, however, we must prepare that there could be a failed HTTP request, that you must rely on that would notify you of an issue.

AppDynamics Cloud enhancements for hybrid cloud, anomaly detection and usability

Introducing new capabilities expanding hybrid cloud support for VMs, Kubernetes and Linux apps running in public or private clouds, enhancements in application to infrastructure correlation using AI/ML-powered anomaly detection and more.

The correlation between application experiences and securing top talent

In a competitive labor market, organizations need seamless digital experience to attract new talent. Recent research from Cisco AppDynamics reveals the importance that job seekers and employees are attaching to digital experiences as the search for talent is intensifying in many industries. 97% of people state it is important that the applications they use to find and apply for jobs provide a fast and seamless experience, without any delays or disruption.

Simplifying agent management for AppDynamics SaaS and On-Premises

A new set of capabilities in Cisco AppDynamics SaaS and On-Premises deployments enables users to spend less time maintaining software for application performance monitoring. Agent management has historically been time-consuming, labor-intensive and required a high level of application experience.