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August 2023

Cisco AppDynamics GovAPM delivers FedRAMP authorized all-in-one visibility

A FedRAMP authorized, single source of truth for your multi-layer tech stack. Similar to private sector counterparts, government organizations are embracing innovative cloud strategies. Cloud migration can unlock powerful outcomes, but it doesn’t change the need for compliance and great application performance. Cisco AppDynamics GovAPM delivers both — and much more.

How business acumen boosts application security

To outpace the competition in an era where high-performing, secure digital experiences are expected, business acumen can inform AppSec priorities. Now more than ever, business leaders are racing to build, modernize and deploy business-critical apps on-premises and within distributed, cloud native environments.

Deliver exceptional digital experiences with Cisco Cloud Native Application Observability

From the application layer down to your Kubernetes® infrastructure, Cisco Cloud Native Application Observability delivers cross-domain visibility with correlated MELT data and AI/ML-driven insights to simplify the complexity of observing the performance of modern applications, multi-cloud Kubernetes, and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Cut through the complexity of your public sector cloud migration

Learn how application performance monitoring can ease cloud migration challenges for public sector agencies. Cloud technology has come of age, and organizations across every industry are rapidly migrating their key applications to these flexible environments. Like their enterprise counterparts, public sector agencies are excited about the potential of cloud services.

Revolutionizing call center management: The power of Full-Stack Observability with UCCE/PCCE

Full-stack observability with Cisco AppDynamics revolutionizes call center management, optimizing performance, improving customer experience and driving business success. Full-stack observability has revolutionized call center management by integrating Cisco AppDynamics into Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE). Let’s explore the value of UCCE monitoring and its ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Cisco completes Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Secure Application IRAP assessment

Learn why IRAP recognition at the PROTECTED level for Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Secure Application enables end users to rest assured their applications are secure. Cisco has completed an Infosec Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessment of Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Secure Application at the PROTECTED level. This milestone represents a crucial step in reaffirming Cisco’s commitment to its Australian public sector customers, including its industry partners.