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August 2023

How to record a business process with Kosli's Audit Trail

Have you ever needed to provide proof that a critical business process actually took place? It’s a painful process involving all kinds of paperwork, but it’s the reality for many organizations working in highly regulated industries. For these companies, records need to be kept for actions like the provisioning of user accounts and access to sensitive records. It’s necessary, but it’s manual and time-consuming work.

Stay on top of every change with Kosli Notifications

In this short blog, you will learn how to set up Kosli Notifications so your whole team can stay on top of environment changes and compliance events in real time. 🚀 In fast-paced technology landscapes, understanding how systems are changing is crucial. Developers, DevOps/Platform/SRE teams, security personnel, and management all need this information to manage operational risk, resolve incidents, and just for basic communication with each other.