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This blog summarizes the discussion of our recent CIO Boardroom on the theme of AI-Driven Enterprise IT in association with the CIO Association of India held at JW Marriott, Bangalore, on 17th October, 2023.
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In the past year, the term Large Language Models (LLMs) and its models like OpenAI’s CHATGPT, Google’s Bard, Meta’s LLAMA-2, and the open-source Falcon have buzzed throughout the tech sphere. But what exactly is an LLM, and how does it function? Let’s dive in for a clearer insight.
  |  By Shailesh Manjrekar
It’s been two years since Gartner published the Market Guide for AIOps Platforms in April 2021. The report states, “There is no future of IT operations that does not include AIOps. It is simply impossible for humans to make sense of thousands of events per second being generated by their IT systems.” The recent wave of acquisitions of AIOps vendors makes us reminisce about a time when AIOps was a buzzword.
  |  By Shailesh Manjrekar
Originally posted on Forbes Technology Council As organizations increasingly embark on their digital transformation journey, IT is turning into a profit center, rather than a cost center. CIOs (chief information officers) are more than often referred to as chief innovation officers. New roles like chief data officer and chief analytics officer are rising to prominence. AI and data are at the center of this transformation, as CxOs are faced with daunting challenges in.
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While the growth trajectory for data in general is extraordinary, it is the growth of log files that really stand out. As the heartbeat of digital enterprise, these files contain a remarkable amount of intelligence – across a stunning range, from security to customer behavior to operational performance. The growth of log files, however, presents particular challenges for the enterprise. They are not “readable” per se, they require machine intelligence.
  |  By Shailesh Manjrekar
For the last couple of years, I have been highlighting yearly predictions at the beginning of each year. For 2023, I would like to expand on one of the trends that I briefly mentioned in my 2022 predictions: superclouds. Since then, there have been a lot of discussions, vendors staking their claims, and clarity around superclouds. In this article, I will look at how observability, AIOps and automation are going to be key tenets for supercloud abstraction and adoption in 2023.
  |  By Shailesh Manjrekar
The GigaOm AIOps Radar Report 2023 recognized CloudFabrix as an Outperformer, Leader and Innovator for a 3rd consecutive year. One of the only two Outperformers this year, CloudFabrix has been hailed specifically for- Join our exclusive webinar with Ron Williams, Principal Analyst at GigaOm and Shailesh Manjrekar, CMO, CloudFabrix as they explore why CloudFabrix is one of the only two Outperformers for GigaOm Radar 2023.
  |  By Sairevanth Pisupati
OpenTelemetry is a popular open-source project that provides a standardized way of collecting, processing, and exporting telemetry data from distributed systems. It is designed to be vendor-neutral and supports multiple programming languages and platforms. OpenTelemetry consists of several components that work together to enable telemetry collection and processing.
  |  By Tejo Prayaga
It’s great to be back to another action and innovation-packed Cisco Live 2023. Continuing my tradition of posting Cisco Live Announcements/Highlights (catch Cisco Live 2022 Highlights here), I am putting together my thoughts and perspective on Top-10 Cisco Live 2023 Announcements and Highlights. Cisco Live 2023 happened at Mandalay Bay Convention Center, in Las Vegas, NV, from June 4th to June 8th.
  |  By Shailesh Manjrekar
In line with its platform strategy, Cisco launched a vendor-agnostic full-stack observability platform built on OpenTelemetry at its signature North American partner and customer event in Las Vegas, the Cisco Live 2023. With nearly 20,000 attendees, the show was full to the brim with product, strategy and partner announcements. Scroll to the end of the article to learn more about Cisco Full Stack Observability (FSO) and how CloudFabrix is helping bring Cisco’s vision to life.
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This module makes it possible to aggregate Cisco DNA Controller analytics to deliver campus return-to-work insights.
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SAP Observability module powered by Cisco FSO platform - Across SAP Landscapes and virtualized Infrastructure.
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The Cisco FSO platform is a revolutionary cloud managed and cloud delivered observ ability services platform accompanied by a vibrant marketplace. The FSO platform provides comprehensive visibility and holistic technology stack insight enabling seamless collaboration and deep business insights.
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Composable Low Code / No Code Analytics provides curated context to Generative AI models.
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Demonstration of CloudFabrix AIOps solution how it helps operations for Telco Network.
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Join Ron Williams, Principal Analyst at GigaOm, and Shailesh Manjrekar, Chief Marketing Officer at CloudFabrix, in examining the Market Trends of AIOps & Observability. We will also dive deep into the recent GigaOm Radar and discuss "Why is CloudFabrix one of the only two Outperformers for Gigaom Radar?"#gigaom #gigaomradar #webinar #dataops #thoughtleadership.
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CloudFabrix Software is a an application analytics & intelligence company that provides cross-layer and cross-domain application operations insights irrespective of underlying technology stacks to meet the desired business and operational outcomes.

CloudFabrix helps customers with consistent and guaranteed delivery of application performance and agility from business and operations point of view. CloudFabrix allows enterprises to holistically transform and govern many transforming entities such as people, processes, applications and operations to meet business outcomes in a consistent, quantifiable and insights driven automated manner.

AI & ML Driven IT Operations and Decisions at Scale:

  • Observability in a Box: CloudFabrix Observability solution comes with native support of monitoring infrastructure, application, services of both traditional and cloud native architectures with metrics, logs and traces using open source technologies. Customers can also ingest data from 3rd party tools to standardize access of observability data across the enterprise.
  • Alert Noise Reduction: Ingest logs, events and traces from any monitoring tool (APM, ITIM, Cloud, Log etc.) to perform high-scale unsupervised ML driven from multiple data sources to reduce alert noise, reduce tickets and bring actionability to incidents.
  • Accelerate Incident Resolution: Accelerate incident resolution by having all the incident context, incident causing alerts, CI/stack impact assessment, triage data like time series metrics & logs, root cause insights, in-place collaboration console and diagnostic tools - all at one place.
  • Predictive Insights: Proactively watch critical IT services or stacks to predict or prevent IT failures, by continously observing leading indicators, anomalies, correlated behaviors or user specified outcomes. Stacks or services are automatically learned by system, but can also be feteched from CMDB or manually defined by administrator.
  • Asset Intelligence & Analytics: Gain real-time 360-degree IT asset visibility, utilization and dependencies, along with key insights about upcoming lifecycle events (like end of sale/support/life), supportability risks due to missing or out-of-contract assets, identify non-compliant assets and measure/track enterprise specific plan of record or compliance policies.

Unified Observability lens to your Full-Stack, Hybrid-Cloud environment.