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October 2022

AIOps Rightfully Going Beyond CMDB in the Multi-Cloud Era

The absence of topology can be a key inhibitor for AIOps tools, creating blind spots for AIOps as they only have access to event data. A topology, an IT service model, or a dependency map is a real-time picture of tools and services that are connected and dependent on each other to deliver an IT service. Suppose an application is driven by cloud-native technology, connected with any kind of ephemeral systems (containers and microservices), and relies on storage, database, and a load balancing tool.
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Why Composable Analytics Matter for Multi-Cloud AIOps

There’s plenty of loaded terminology and buzzword bingo when it comes to the latest advances in cloud application delivery. Especially when it comes to multi-cloud – which should merely mean multiple cloud instances when modern cloud applications really leverage multiple hybrid IT operating models, atop both existing business silos and newer microservices application workloads.