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How CloudFabrix Telco Service Assurance Uses Multi-Protocol and Multi-Layer Correlation to Improve Service Delivery

Telco service providers face a unique set of challenges when it comes to service delivery. Their networks are complex and heterogeneous, and they need to be able to correlate events from multiple protocols and layers in order to quickly identify and resolve problems.

Leveraging LLM/Gen-AI for Accelerating Left-Shift Operations Transformation

In today’s digital landscape, delivering a flawless customer experience is the ultimate competitive advantage. However, traditional methods of ensuring service resilience during operation can often be both expensive and cumbersome to maintain. This is where left-shift operations come into play—a powerful strategy aimed at instilling quality and resiliency in the early stages of building and delivering high-quality products and services..
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CloudFabrix at Cisco Live EMEA - Highlights

Cisco’s one-of-a-kind conference, Cisco Live EMEA 2024 in Amsterdam, marked a pivotal milestone in illuminating the path forward with a spotlight on AI, operational simplicity, and security. Bringing key network telemetry and correlating it with the business outcomes has become quite essential for Modern Enterprises and CloudFabrix addressed this by launching three new modules for the Cisco Observability Platform.

Data-centric AIOps: The Next Frontier With Observability Pipelines

Data-centric AI is the new frontier in AI, where the models themselves now remain stationary while tools, techniques and engineering practices improve data quality. As Andrew Ng puts it, “Data-centric AI is the discipline of systematically engineering data to build an AI system.”
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Take control of all your Telemetry Data with CloudFabrix Robotic Observability Pipelines

CloudFabrix, the Robotic Data Automation Fabric inventor, announced “Data Observability Pipelines” for dynamic Data Ingestion and automation for any data source and destination. The solution acts as a data management and integration service that uses robotic processes to automate data tasks, such as data integration, data ingestion, cleansing, transformation, and enrichment. Automated data management saves time, improves data quality, and streamlines data workflows.

The Rise of Applied Observability, AIOps, and GenAI in Enterprises

CloudFabrix’s Macaw Conference for Observability and AIOps garnered traction and showcased modern solutions to modern IT problems in enterprises. This is a summary of the conference. CloudFabrix CMO – Shailesh Manjrekar kicked off the conference by delivering the keynote by talking about the General Market Trends & highlighting the Modern IT challenges faced by Enterprises during their Digital Transformation journey.

What is AIOps and What are Top 10 AIOps Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) is an advanced analytics and operations management solution that is designed to help organizations address the challenges of monitoring and managing IT operations in the era of digital transformation. AIOps leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies to enable continuous insights across IT operations monitoring.
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Landing the CloudFabrix Spacecraft - Summarizing 2023

India scripted history when Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft touched down successfully near the moon’s south pole on 23 August 2023. Following up on CloudFabrix’s “Artemis 1 moment analogy” in 2022, we had our “Chandrayaan-3” moment in 2023. It was an incredible year of innovation, execution and global growth for the CloudFabrix team and the following summarizes our key 2023 achievements –

Looking at the Crystal ball for 2024 - Top Six Predictions!

We think predictions are important as they enable us to get a pulse on the market, understand the market trends and set the vision. I have focussed only on the Operational Intelligence market. At a macro level, AWS CEO Adam Selipsky said it best when he shared at re:Invent that we’ve seen better times, we’ve seen worse times, but we’ve never seen such uncertain times.