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Effective Observability for MLOps Pipelines at Scale with Rishit Dagli

Join Rishit Dagli as he explores effective observability for ML pipelines at scale. Learn about the critical differences between observability and monitoring in ML applications, common challenges like distribution shifts, and feedback loops. Rishit demonstrates practical methods for logging and interpreting various metrics to maintain model performance and reliability.

How We Build Serverless AI with Civo and Deep Green with Matt Butcher & Chris Matteson

Join Matt Butcher and Chris Matteson from @fermyontech as hey explore how serverless AI is built using Civo and Deep Green. They discuss optimizing GPU usage, the advantages of WebAssembly, and demonstrate a practical application for sentiment analysis. Discover how Deep Green's sustainable technology is making a difference in AI performance and efficiency.

How to Skynet your Kubernetes Clusters with LocalAI with Engin Diri

Join Engin Diri from Pulumi at Civo Navigate NA 24 as he explores "How to Skynet Your Kubernetes Clusters with Local AI." In this session, you'll discover the rapid advancements in AI, the truth behind common myths, and practical applications using LocalAI. Learn about the benefits and challenges of open-source large language models and see a live demonstration of embedding domain-specific knowledge using Pinecone.

Delivering Generative AI Solutions in the Enterprise with James Gress

Join James Grass, Senior Technology Architect at @Accenture as he delves into the impact of generative AI on enterprise solutions. Learn about the latest advancements, challenges, and practical applications in the field, including insights on OCI, Coher, and ChatGPT. Discover how organizations are leveraging AI to transform their processes and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

What's in a name? Data residency vs Data Sovereignty vs Local Legal Mandates

Even the largest global companies have challenges operating across multiple countries, moving and storing data and navigating multiple jurisdictions. In the globalised digital economy, data can flow across borders in milliseconds. But the legal frameworks governing this data vary widely from one jurisdiction to another. If the UK, Europe and the US are characterised by robust data protection laws, so are many other countries, including the Nordics, Australia, India and China, to name a few.

You're Not Too Late to the AI Party with Joey de Villa

Join Joey de Villa in his engaging Civo Navigate talk, "You're Not Too Late to the AI Party," where he demystifies artificial intelligence and reassures developers of all levels that there's still plenty of time to get involved. Joey's presentation is part technical deep dive, part career advice, and 100% entertaining. He covers the history of AI, current trends, and the ethical considerations we must navigate as this technology evolves. Perfect for software developers, Python enthusiasts, and anyone curious about AI's future.

Engineering Data Systems for the next 10 years of growth with Amit Kesarwani

Join Amit Kesarwani from Treeverse as he discusses the historical progression of machine learning and introduces lakeFS, an open-source platform providing Git-like data version control. This session covers the necessity of ML in business strategies today and how lakeFS aids in managing, versioning, and collaborating on data projects seamlessly.

AI Essentials - Your Gateway to Machine Learning with Kubeflow with Josh Mesout & Rishit Dagli

Join Josh Mesout and Rishit Dagli in our in-depth workshop on Kubeflow as a Service, aimed at demystifying the deployment of machine learning models using open-source tools. This Civo Navigate 24 session caters to participants of all skill levels in machine learning, Kubernetes, and ML infrastructure. It covers foundational aspects of Kubeflow, dives into advanced tools like Llama 2 and Kerve, and showcases how to use these models as cost-effective alternatives to services like ChatGPT.

Managing Infrastructure like a pro, from ClickOps to IaC with Nuno do Carmo & Engin Diri

Dive into the world of infrastructure as code in this detailed workshop led by Nuno do Carmo and Engin Diri. Learn about Civo CLI, the transition from ClickOps to CLI, and how to effectively implement and manage your infrastructure using Pulumi. Whether at home or in the office, enhance your understanding and skills in infrastructure management.