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Maintaining Control of Your IT Infrastructure With WhatsUp Gold

Today’s IT infrastructure is an increasingly complex mix of servers, clouds, devices and applications. End-to-end visibility is necessary for network and system administrators to address outages, hardware failures, software performance issues, traffic bottlenecks and potential security threats.

Streamlining Success: The Core Reasons to Embrace Configuration Management

WhatsUp Gold’s Configuration Management tool is a seamless add-on to the interface; Configuration Management lets you centralize and automate all your management tasks and securely back up device configurations. Watch this webinar and learn how to: Automate configuration management tasks, backups and recovery Bring consistency to your configurations across your device roles Meet security and compliance guidelines with alerting, archiving and automated reporting.

Microsoft 365 APM Profiles using REST API Monitor and Microsoft Graph API

As of WUG 2022 our REST API monitor supports OAuth 2 Client Credentials allowing a daemon application (non user interactive) to authenticate as an application to the Graph API. Using this new capability we created new APM profile to monitor Microsoft 365 and Office 365.

Why DNS Monitors Are Crucial for Your Infrastructure

In the early 90s, it was easier—and more affordable—to register a domain name with the same as a company’s. Now, it requires other services to register it and keep it from potential competitors. Despite the process change, registering a domain name is still one of the most crucial aspects of supporting a business online. This blog details the behind-the-scenes processes on how domain names become accessible content to users, starting with what a Domain Name System (DNS) is.

Speed Root Cause Analysis and Troubleshoot Fast with Network Monitoring

The vast majority of IT infrastructure problems relate to the network. Afterall, most of IT infrastructure IS the network. Makes sense. But its immensity and complexity make the network a bear to troubleshoot and root cause analysis as tricky as finding the proverbial needle in the network haystack.

WhatsUp Gold & Flowmon Integration

Watch this video to learn more about WhatsUp Gold & Flowmon's out-of-the-box integration. You will learn how to integrate traditional IT Infrastructure metrics, such as CPU utilization or memory consumption on servers, with Network performance metrics, such as server response time coming from the Network traffic provided by Flowmon.

Guarantee Network Uptime with Network Uptime Monitoring

Network downtime is no fun for anyone. End users (tied to their computing devices) don’t know what to do, customers and partners can’t do business with you and IT pulls out more hair than a barber shop floor. Network downtime leads to lost productivity, business and precious IT time. Here are a few uptime facts to consider: The answer to all these ills is to avoid network downtime in the first place by ensuring the opposite: network uptime.

Whats New in WhatsUp Gold 2023.1

In this webinar, product experts Greg Collins and Jason Alberino will discuss how WhatsUp Gold lets you find and fix network infrastructure problems fast – with its unmatched combination of out-of-the-box functionality, intuitive workflows, visual mapping and system integrations. They will dive deeper into the new functionalities.