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Discover Financial Services cuts costs and accelerates data retrieval with Elastic Observability

Learn how Discover Financial Services helps its customers achieve a better financial future by partnering with Elastic. Discover utilizes Elastic Observability for its centralized logging platform. Users now have improved monitoring capabilities to help solve issues.

GenAI for customer support - Part 1: Building our proof of concept

Welcome to the Inside Elastic blog series, where we showcase Elastic's internal operations solving real-world business challenges. This specific series will shed light on our journey to integrate generative AI into our customer success and support operations, providing you with a behind-the-scenes look at our process. We’re blogging about this capability as we’re building it, and we’re excited for you to join the ride!

Free the data: Why US federal agencies should standardize on OpenTelemetry

In today's digital age, data is the lifeblood of modern organizations — and the US government is no exception. As agencies grapple with the ever-increasing volume and complexity of data, it is imperative to adopt a standardized approach to monitoring, analyzing, and understanding the behavior of complex IT systems. This is where OpenTelemetry, an open-source observability framework, comes into play.

How can unifying observability and security strengthen your business?

Bolster your organization’s observability and security capabilities on one platform with AI, anomaly detection, and enhanced attack discovery Organizations in today’s digital landscape are increasingly concerned about service availability and safeguarding their software from malicious tampering and compromise. The traditional security and observability tools often operate in silos, leading to fragmented views and delayed responses to incidents.

Elastic Observability 8.14: New feature for SLO, AI Assistant, and .NET for Universal Profiling

Elastic Observability 8.14 announces the general availability (GA) of key Service Level Objective (SLO) management capabilities, additional enhancements to the Elastic AI Assistant for Observability, alerting improvements, and Universal Profiling for.NET. Enhanced SLO management capabilities: Enhanced AI Assistant capabilities.

Elastic Search 8.14: Faster and more cost-effective vector search, improved relevance with retrievers and reranking, RAG and developer tooling

We're committed to pushing the boundaries of search development and focusing on empowering search builders with powerful tools. With our latest updates, Elastic becomes even more potent for customers dealing with vast amounts of data represented as vectors. These enhancements promise faster speeds, reduced storage costs, and seamless integration between software and hardware.

The strata of data: Accessing the gold in human information

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