PagerDuty Alternatives: Which is the Best for Your Team?

PagerDuty Alternatives: Which is the Best for Your Team?

PagerDuty is an incident management platform that uses its SaaS-based operations to prevent and manage business-related problems while maintaining a smooth customer experience. 

Used by developers, IT persons, and DevOps, PagerDuty ensures that businesses get the required data that could help them manage events that can impact their brand reputation and revenue. Their business-wide incident response, hundreds of integration tools, machine learning, on-call scheduling, and escalations make PagerDuty a popular incident management platform. 

However, their expensive package has always been a setback. Various platforms exist in the market that offer the same features as PagerDuty at an affordable price. So, if you’re looking for PagerDuty alternatives that are efficient and reasonable, we have Zenduty. 

What is Zenduty, and what are its Features?

Zenduty is an end-to-end incident management platform that enables businesses and teams to identify, analyze, and resolve incidents that may impact their daily operations, revenue, and reputation. 

With different integration tools and altering systems, this platform is effective in identifying incidents 90% faster and solving 60% of them in real-time. By deploying a robust postmortem culture, on-call meetings on the go, and fast escalations, Zenduty has become one of the most reliable alternatives for PagerDuty.

Zenduty also combines different incident playbooks for various alert rules, which is why 700+ businesses rely on it. Among several companies, some of the popular ones that collaborate with Zenduty are BookMyShow, Unacademy, Zetwerk, Caratlane, Urban Piper, Razorpay, and more. 

Since different teams are working in a company, and incidents can happen in any department, Zenduty provides business-customized features tailored to different team requirements. Here are some top-notch Zenduty features that are specifically designed for on-call engineers and SREs. 

Robust Alert Rules 

With the help of Zenduty’s agile alert rules, teams can navigate incidents and expand their responsibilities on the fly. This advanced platform lets companies send notifications to the right members, depending on specified conditions. The alert rules also make sure to suppress non-actionable alerts so that teams can focus on their operations without any hassle. 

Good Incident Communication

Zenduty presents the best incident communication system in the IT industry. Their incident communication system optimizes communications during critical events across multiple platforms, including Jira, Teams, Zoom, Slack, and many more. 

Personalized Post-mortem Templates 

Getting incident data was a daunting task previously, but not anymore. With Zenduty’s pre-built postmortem templates, teams can now capture incident data. Since every department and team has varied goals and workflows, Zenduty enables users to customize these templates according to their requirements and objectives. 

On-Spot Incident Response

Zenduty’s easy integrations with smartwatches enable users to see triggered alerts anywhere and at any time. Furthermore, they can also view on-call schedules and incident summaries to acknowledge or resolve them from the watch, through the app or push notifications. 

Zenduty Pricing

If you’re just starting up an incident response process for your team, Zenduty will offer you a 14-day free trial. In this package, you will get basic incident management features like on-call scheduling, setting alerts, push notifications, 120+ best-in-class integration tools, and an operating system application. 

If you have a small team of people working on a project, you can get a $5 subscription pack for one month. Since it is a paid plan, there will be some add-on features like incident responders, alert forwarding, two-way Jira integrations, and more. 

Zenduty offers one more paid plan. The price of that plan is $14 for a month. The features included in this plan are role-based access control, advanced alert mapping rules, single sign-on, incident command system, shift overrides, and more. 

Note: Prices are subject to change. Refer to their website for exact and updated pricing. 


Since automation is becoming a trend in every industry, it is important to automate the process of incident management as well. Though PagerDuty has been serving the purpose for quite some time now, its costly plans make it inconvenient for startups and other small businesses. Hence, Zenduty has come to the rescue. With its wide range of features, Zenduty is becoming the next-gen PagerDuty alternative. Also, with the simple and affordable price structure of this software, it has become one of the most reliable incident management platforms to ever exist.