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5 simple ways to implement cloud cost optimization

To reduce organizational spending, many organizations successfully migrated their operations to the cloud. However, with rising costs, looming economic downturns, and a proliferation of cloud resources on varied platforms, merely adopting a cloud infrastructure is insufficient. Today, an efficient cloud optimization initiative that can optimize and control cloud infrastructure costs is crucial. This webinar details five ways to optimize your cloud infrastructure costs effectively.

How CloudZero Unlocks Kubernetes Costs Better Than Anyone

For SaaS companies, cloud spending can mean the difference between profit and loss. Staying on top of cloud spend is an absolutely crucial part of running a healthy cloud-based business. But tracking even the relatively straightforward cloud costs from your primary providers can be tricky.


AWS Lambda Pricing: A Simple Guide To Your Lambda Costs

AWS Lambda is an event-driven compute service, which means it executes tasks automatically when triggered by a compute event. This automation also means that your Lambda costs can quickly exceed your budget. That is especially true when you're not familiar with AWS Lambda pricing. In this guide, we’ll discuss the AWS Lambda pricing model, including how billing works, and how to optimize Lambda costs.


CloudSpend mobile application: Manage your cloud costs anywhere and everywhere

ManageEngine CloudSpend is a cloud cost management tool that helps you reduce overhead cloud costs using actionable insights. The CloudSpend mobile application enables users to perform actions on the go for their cloud services from their mobile devices. CloudSpend supports AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud services and is planning to launch GCP in the future.


30+ FP&A Interview Questions To Ask (And What To Listen For)

Finding trained FP&A professionals isn't too much trouble for most companies. The tricky part is finding a candidate who has the right combination of technical and soft skills for your organization’s needs. The following interview questions will help you find a qualified FP&A professional for your company. Listen to their responses to get a sense of their reasoning, expertise, situational awareness, ambition, and individual attitude towards various aspects of the FP&A profession.

Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer for Amazon EMR

Running your infrastructure in the cloud can lead to wasted resources and ultimately overspending. Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer for Amazon EMR operates dynamically in real time to optimize performance without the need to model your workloads ahead of time, change application code, or platform settings. It provides autonomous optimization continuously, improving resource utilization at both the instance level and with the EMR autoscaler. Watch the full video for a deep-dive on how Pepperdata solves the problem of cloud overspending and resource waste without manual intervention.

The 6-Step Guide To Rightsizing Your Instances

When businesses first transition to the cloud, they often prioritize performance and speed above all else. After all, the cloud is an exciting new world full of nearly unlimited resources ripe for the taking. Sooner or later, however, businesses must face the fact that speed and power come at a high financial price, and sometimes their original choices are not sustainable from a cost standpoint.


Kubecost and Qovery Team up to Offer Cost Monitoring for DevOps Teams

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Kubecost, a game-changing provider of cost monitoring for Kubernetes clusters. This collaboration marks a new era in efficiency and cost-effectiveness for DevOps teams everywhere. With Kubecost's advanced monitoring capabilities integrated into our own Kubernetes deployment platform, we are empowering organizations to take control of their cloud-native infrastructure like never before.


The 15+ Best AWS Cost Optimization Tools (Organized By Category)

While AWS offers significant benefits compared to traditional on-premise infrastructure, its inherent elasticity and scalability tend to give rise to uncontrolled costs. AWS costs can be opaque and difficult to analyze — and without some system of identifying the source of costs and how to manage them — they can quickly undermine your profit margins. However, a number of tools have emerged over the past few years to help organizations manage and optimize their costs.