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How to monitor an xDSL Modem using a Prometheus Exporter plugin and Grafana Agent on Grafana Cloud with Grafana OnCall

Furkan Türkal likes to design and implement new tech stacks with a deep focus on distributed and low-level systems. He is interested in contributing to open source projects, communities, and project management, and has a strong interest in the CNCF world! Recently, he has been doing research on Supply Chain Security. Hardware breaks, just like our hearts — and both can be due to complicated situations.


The Fast and the Frustrated: A Guide to Troubleshooting and How to Improve Latency

Are you tired of waiting for your internet to catch up with the rest of the world? Does your network feel slower than a snail's pace at rush hour? Well, get ready to put the pedal to the metal because we're about to dive into the world of network latency troubleshooting! If you're feeling like your network is stuck in first gear while the rest of the world is zooming by, it's time to rev up your troubleshooting skills and take control of your latency issues.


How I used Graylog to Fix my Internet Connection

In today’s digital age, the internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. From working remotely to streaming movies, we rely on the internet for almost everything. However, slow internet speeds can be frustrating and can significantly affect our productivity and entertainment. Despite advancements in technology, many people continue to face challenges with their internet speeds, hindering their ability to fully utilize the benefits of the internet.

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PC Pro Gives WhatsUp Gold Five Stars, Adding to Accolades

Popular computer magazine PC Pro added WhatsUp Gold to its "A List" of products for advanced features and ease and affordability of licensing, awarding it five stars in its review. WhatsUp Gold, first launched in 1996, has been growing in features and refinements for the past 27 years. More recently, the IT infrastructure monitoring (ITIM) solution gained capabilities another way.


The Velocloud Network Monitoring Jigsaw Puzzle: Putting Your Network Pieces Together

Have you ever completed a jigsaw puzzle? If so, you know that it takes patience, focus, and attention to detail. Each piece plays a crucial role in completing the final picture, and missing even one piece can result in an incomplete and unsatisfactory result. In the same way, managing a network requires attention to detail and the ability to piece together all the different elements to ensure optimal performance.


The importance of baseline configuration management in a network

In a network environment, configurations are often considered of incalculable value because a small change in a device’s configuration can make or break the entire network infrastructure in minutes. These configurations are divided into two parts: startup and running configurations. In a network device, the first configuration version, by default, is considered the baseline version (a stable and efficient configuration) for both running and startup configurations.

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How Taking Inventory of Your Network's Assets Can Benefit Your IT Workers

The ABCs of IT Infrastructure Monitoring (ITIM)—the Letter I is for Inventory of Assets. "Doing inventory" is probably one phrase retail and hospitality workers loathe. For many workers in these jobs, physically counting items can sometimes be an overnight job. For others in similar positions, it can make for an arduous all-day task while tending to customers' needs. However, despite the time it takes, it is still essential. How else will managers know which items to order for their store?


Network Performance Monitoring Tools: Choose Your Fighter - Network Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to rumble! It's time to enter the ring and choose your fighter in the world of network performance monitoring tools. In this corner, we have the classic heavyweight contenders like SNMP and packet sniffers. And in the other corner, we have agile newcomers like synthetic monitoring and flow analysis. It's a battle of speed, precision, and power, and only one tool can come out on top.


IT Infrastructure Management Services

Are you curious about what an IT infrastructure management tool is and how it can be used to drive innovation within your business? From choosing which tools are best suited for specific projects to understanding resource utilization patterns throughout the enterprise – learn more about why important companies around the world rely on this comprehensive approach to effectively manage their networks today.


Network traffic analysis: A brief report on significant network performance monitoring avenue

Most corporate IT landscapes have a variety of traffic types involved, like cloud, web, and video. With network endpoints interconnected, the performance and risk of handling these traffic types can also increase. Although major solutions can detect threats with predefined signatures, detecting newer attacks requires focusing on communications such as those from API or SaaS applications.