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Test Automation - A Key to Telco Cloud Adoption

While industry experts struggle to find consensus on the path to Telco Cloud, almost everyone agrees that automation will play an outsized role in helping network operators overcome the challenges they face in adopting and successfully deploying Telco Cloud. For many network operators, the very inefficient pace of their existing software upgrades is a key challenge they must address to migrate their network to a modern Telco Cloud.

Defining Your Cloud Core Migration Strategy - Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

In this enlightening panel discussion from the Telco Core Strategy Summit, industry experts discuss the intricacies of cloud core migration. Learn from seasoned professionals, including Kentik’s Justin Ryburn, as they share insights on cloud migration challenges, the importance of automation, and strategies to maintain security and performance. Understand the significance of detailed planning, the shifting dynamics of workloads in the cloud, and how to navigate the complexities of this transformative journey.

The Evolution of Data Center Networking for AI Workloads

Traditional data center networking can’t meet the needs of today’s AI workload communication. We need a different networking paradigm to meet these new challenges. In this blog post, learn about the technical changes happening in data center networking from the silicon to the hardware to the cables in between.


The Power of SNMP Polling: Monitoring Your Network Like a Pro

Every network admin knows that network stability and performance are the lifeblood of modern enterprises. Every second of downtime or suboptimal performance can result in lost productivity, dissatisfied customers, and significant financial repercussions. To navigate this high-stakes digital terrain successfully, T professionals and network admins need a comprehensive understanding of their network infrastructure and the ability to manage it proactively.

Streamlining network efficiency: Unveiling the power of ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Configurations play a crucial role in any network setting, as even a minor mistake in a single line of code can lead to cascading network failure throughout an entire organization. Moreover, with the increasing intricacy of networks, the risk of unauthorized misconfigurations has emerged as a significant concern, predominantly stemming from human inaccuracies.

State of the Internet: Monitoring SaaS Application Performance

Kentik's State of the Internet Overview: With the increasing reliance on SaaS applications in organizations and homes, monitoring connectivity and connection quality is crucial. However, gaining insights into third-party networks like Google's DNS, Microsoft 365, or Zoom is challenging. Kentik's "State of the Internet" offers a solution. Part of Kentik's network observability platform, it deploys hundreds of test agents globally to monitor popular SaaS providers, major public clouds, and DNS services.

The Power of Network Uptime Monitoring: Proactive vs. Reactive

In a world where seamless online operations are fundamental to success, the reliability of your network infrastructure can make or break your enterprise. Downtime, even for a few minutes, can result in substantial financial losses, frustrated customers, and a tarnished reputation. That's where the power of network uptime monitoring comes into play, acting as a sentinel guarding your digital fortress.