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3 Ways FinTechs Can Improve Cloud Observability at Scale

Financial technology (FinTech) companies today are shaping how consumers will save, spend, invest, and borrow in the economy of the future. But with that innovation comes a critical need for scalable cloud observability solutions that can support FinTech application performance, security, and compliance objectives through periods of exponential customer growth. In this blog, we explore why cloud observability is becoming increasingly vital for FinTech companies and three ways that FinTechs can improve cloud observability at scale.

How to configure API Management to use Business Activity Monitoring?

Want to troubleshoot your Azure integration solutions faster and easier? In this video, we'll show you how to configure API Management to use Business Activity Monitoring from Serverless360. This will give you and your team of business and IT support users enhanced visibility into how your APIs are being used, and provide you with features like advanced monitoring, message reprocessing, and the ability to trace business transactions across your entire architecture.

How to optimize cost of Logic Apps Consumption?

Our latest video on Logic App consumption and cost optimization! Are you looking to develop interfaces at minimal expense but worried about the potential money drain from unnecessary polling and checks? In this video, we've got you covered! See how Serverless360's powerful Cost Analyzer can help you trim down expenses, especially in non-production environments. Say goodbye to wasted funds and hello to smarter Logic App management.

How do log analytics and Business Activity Monitoring differ for business users?

It is considerably difficult for Business users & support operators to understand a business architecture built using App Insights and Log Analytics, the amount of Azure knowledge is insufficient to monitor the business process. In this video, we will focus on a real-world scenario where you might be using Logic Apps and compare the differences between using Log Analytics diagnostics data and Serverless360 BAM.

Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer Next Gen: How Pepperdata Can Save 30% Off Your Cloud Bill

Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer Next Gen is the only cost optimization solution for both Apache Spark and microservices that can save you between 30–47% on your cloud bill. No matter if you try to manually tune your applications on your own, an estimated one-third of what is spent every day on cloud computing resources is wasted. While you might have cost-optimized your infrastructure with things like savings plans, spot and reserved instances, that doesn’t address the waste inherent in your applications.

What Is Tiered Pricing? 5 Tiered Pricing Examples

Pricing matters. Charge too little and you won't earn enough revenue to stay afloat. Charge too much and you could lose thousands in potential business. You don’t want to price out some customers. So what can you do? This is where tiered pricing comes into play. The SaaS pricing approach can be helpful for SaaS companies to meet the needs and budgets of each of their different customer personas.

The Future of Cloud Native Data is Now

Struggling with data complexities in distributed apps? Watch our webinar with Google Cloud and TechCrunch on mastering cloud-native data! Join Aiven’s Matty Stratton and Google’s Kaslin Fields, as they guide you through the steps to manage the data on your distributed applications. By leveraging data’s inherent gravity, it can be used across all components of your applications.

2bcloud Named Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider for Four Consecutive Years

2bcloud announces it has maintained its elite status as a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP). The Azure Expert MSP is the highest level of partner certification from Microsoft on Azure, and the partner status underlines 2bcloud's position as a leading Microsoft Azure partner.

Test Automation - A Key to Telco Cloud Adoption

While industry experts struggle to find consensus on the path to Telco Cloud, almost everyone agrees that automation will play an outsized role in helping network operators overcome the challenges they face in adopting and successfully deploying Telco Cloud. For many network operators, the very inefficient pace of their existing software upgrades is a key challenge they must address to migrate their network to a modern Telco Cloud.

Beyond savings: Overlooked aspects of container optimization

Managing container environments, such as Kubernetes data planes and ECS requires more than achieving cost savings. Yes, this is a vital component of optimizing your containers. But you also need to optimize for availability and usage, all while having a clear visualization of how your costs break down across compute, network, and storage.