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What is Digital Transformation? Why You Need it for IT Management

The history of digital transformation can be traced back as early as the 1940s when Dr. Claude Shannon published A Mathematical Theory of Communication, which is the theory behind the creation of the internet. Then addition of the microchip and semiconductor transistor, invented In the 1950s, established the foundation for digital transformation. Since then, the capabilities of machines and digital technology have grown exponentially, and they have fundamentally changed ways our society operates.


The Evolution of Network Visibility

As modern work has evolved, so too has the network end users rely on to do their jobs. Today’s network is vastly different from the networks of just a few years ago, with the new last mile of the office network evolving to cover anywhere end users are. This has had a significant impact on the visibility IT professionals have in the office network, and it means we need to revisit what network visibility really means as modern work continues to evolve.


How MSPs Can Own the Risk Management Conversation

Against a backdrop of constantly evolving cybersecurity threats, it’s essential that MSPs understand how to own the risk conversation if they are to really help their customers effectively manage their security posture. In this blog, I want to look at what we mean by “owning the risk conversation”, and how MSPs can achieve this. For me, I look at it from the perspective of my own job.


How to Choose a Patch Management Solution

It’s pretty easy to hit that “remind me later” button when you don’t want to wait for installations, reboots, and possible errors if something goes wrong with the update. Snoozing that patch notification can quickly become a habit, and before you know it, a critical piece of software is weeks or months out of date. More people are learning that this isn’t a bit of harmless procrastination -- it’s actually a huge cybersecurity risk.


Driving MSP Growth in 2023

The past few years have been a boon to the IT channel. Economic and social changes have driven more SMBs and enterprises toward outsourced IT solutions. New technologies have pushed IT profitability higher. Businesses are more focused on digital transformation than at any other point in history, while at the same time everyone with a networked device is concerned about the growing threat of cyberattack. Operations of all types know that the IT department is becoming the key to staying competitive.


Top 5 Ways N-sight RMM Can Help Your MSP Client Reporting

One of the things that I regularly get questioned about in my Operational Efficiency Boot Camp is the reporting in N-sight RMM and what MSPs should be presenting to customers to show that they are properly performing their work. I am a huge fan of monthly or quarterly business reviews to showcase your MSP client reports. I feel that for MSPs they are one of our greatest retention tools, and clearly demonstrate the value we provide.


Top 5 Reasons To Look for a New Patch Management Solution

As organizations grow, the number of tools needed for basic business operations grow with it. Unfortunately, as you add more tools to an organization, you increase the number of potential attack vectors. Within the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), there were 26,448 CVEs published last year, an increase of 20% over 2021. Each of these vulnerabilities serve as opportunities for bad actors to break their way into your network, leading to a loss of valuable data, money, and time.


Next Play 2023 - A New Stage of Leadership at Auvik

As the old adage goes “the only constant is change.” This is certainly true in any growth-stage tech company. It’s a very exciting time here at Auvik as we continue to accelerate our growth and take market share. To that end, today we announced that we’ve expanded our leadership team as we embark on this next chapter of growth.