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Happy National IT Service Provider Day: Celebrating the unsung heroes

Have you ever wondered how your favorite online store stays operational 24/7, or how your company seamlessly connects employees across the globe? The secret behind these smoothly running digital experiences often lies with a dedicated group: IT service providers. Today, on National IT Service Provider Day, we celebrate these unsung heroes who keep the wheels of our digital world turning. They tackle a multitude of challenges to ensure businesses operate efficiently and securely.

What is a Subnet Mask? Examples, Uses and Benefits

“What is a subnet mask?” is among the most common questions for aspiring network engineers. Network veterans have all been through it at one stage or another and we all have our tips and tricks for figuring them out. But, that initial understanding is typically a grind involving some combination of cheat sheets, IP to binary converters, books, articles, and online resources.

What Is Wireless Network Security for Businesses?

In today’s connected era, businesses are increasingly reliant on wireless networks to facilitate daily operations, embracing the flexibility and mobility that wireless technology offers over traditional wired connections. This shift underscores a critical need for robust security measures to safeguard against a myriad of cyber threats and vulnerabilities, with potential risks looming over business data and operational continuity.

How to Disable Early Launch Anti-Malware Protection in Windows 8 and 10

With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft introduced Early Launch Anti-Malware (ELAM) as a cybersecurity measure to protect against early boot threats. However, you may need to disable it for troubleshooting, software compatibility, or performance reasons. In this article, you will learn how to disable Early Launch Anti-Malware Protection and enhance the benefits of overall security for your IT infrastructures.

Securing Your Environment: A Guide to Windows Application Whitelisting

A simple and quick way to protect your data environment is by implementing Windows application whitelisting, a strategy that lets only trusted software run on your system. This not only safeguards you from malicious applications but also gives you application control, ensuring stability and security. This guide will help you understand what Windows application whitelisting is and the tools and technologies you can use to enforce whitelisting policies and best practices for whitelisted software management.

Beyond the Horizon: Actionable highlights from the 2024 MSP Horizons Report

Get a glimpse into the future of IT with Beyond the Horizon: Actionable highlights from the 2024 MSP Horizons Report. This ground-breaking discussion covers hot-button subjects like: · Implications of changing business models· Which areas of the tech stack are primed for growth· Harnessing new developments in AI· Key business drivers for MSPs in 2024, and much more.