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Introducing Grafana OnCall shift swaps: A simpler way to exchange on-call shifts with teammates

A family member’s birthday, that concert you’ve waited all year to see, an impromptu weekend getaway with friends — there are a lot of reasons software engineers might want to switch on-call shifts. And rather than have to frantically send Slack messages to your teammates, wouldn’t it be nice to automate the process and quickly find the coverage you need?


Introducing the Prometheus Java client 1.0.0

PromCon, the annual Prometheus community conference, is around the corner, and this year I’ll have exciting news to share from the Prometheus Java community: The highly anticipated 1.0.0 version of the Prometheus Java client library is here! At Grafana Labs, we’re big proponents of Prometheus. And as a maintainer of the Prometheus Java client library, I highly appreciate the support, as it helps us to drive innovation in the Prometheus community.


New DX UIM Release: Start Monitoring New Linux Distributions on Day 1

From DX UIM 20.4 CU4 onward (that is, releases that have robot version 9.36 or above), robots automatically support Linux versions with newer GNU C Library (commonly known as “glibc”) versions. Prior to CU4, DX UIM robots needed certification and a release to provide support or compatibility with newer Linux operating systems that have a higher glibc version.


Circonus Launches Open Beta for Passport, Ushering in a New Era of Flexible Observability

Sky-high observability costs or visibility gaps? This is the unfortunate trade-off many organizations have to make when it comes to determining how much telemetry data they should collect and send to their observability tools. Teams either collect more data than they need and pay the price, or they collect less and suffer visibility gaps. Today, this all changes.


The Plan for InfluxDB 3.0 Open Source

The commercial version of InfluxDB 3.0 is a distributed, scalable time series database built for real-time analytic workloads. It supports infinite cardinality, SQL and InfluxQL as native query languages, and manages data efficiently in object storage as Apache Parquet files. It delivers significant gains in ingest efficiency, scalability, data compression, storage costs, and query performance on higher cardinality data.


Meet the Now Platform Vancouver release: GenAI, security, and agility

There’s never been a more exciting time for digital transformation. While ServiceNow has long realized the power of AI on the Now Platform®, the newest generative AI (GenAI) technologies are creating incredible possibilities for automation and productivity in the enterprise. To help our customers capitalize on these opportunities, I’m thrilled to announce the Now Platform Vancouver release, available today.