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Introducing the Netdata demo space

Introducing Netdata's Demo Space, a quick and easy way to experience monitoring environments before you set them up yourself. At Netdata, we are always striving to provide the best monitoring experience for our users. We understand that adopting a new monitoring solution can sometimes be challenging, especially when you're unsure of how it will fit your specific environment. That's why we're excited to announce the Netdata Demo Space!


NiCE zLinux Management Pack 1.20 released

IBM zSystems run on some of the fastest processors. IBM zSystems are used for maximum speed and volume of data transactions, mainly in the banking, health care, airline, and retail sector. These markets need to rely on seven nines (99.99999%) of availability and performance of their systems, as they are the backbone of the entire business.


Welcome to the Now Platform Utah release!

We’re at a unique moment in business history. Organizations face mounting pressure to streamline their processes and improve productivity and performance, often with tighter budgets and fewer resources. Business leaders must drive uninterrupted innovation and enable their teams to do great work—despite economic uncertainty. My team and I are passionate about developing innovative solutions to customers’ pressing needs.


AppDynamics Cloud integrates with Grafana to add key metrics for dashboards

AppDynamics Cloud releases the first (and only) vendor provided free plugin for GrafanaⓇ OSS. Widely adopted by DevOps, SREs and developers, Grafana has become the go-to dashboarding tool among users—including our own internal teams. As such, Cisco AppDynamics has expanded support and use cases for Grafana by building an open-source integration for AppDynamics Cloud customers, absolutely free of charge!


Automatically Create Incidents from Alerts with Alert Routing

Shouldn’t your alerts be doing more of the work for you? A noisy channel with every alert from hundreds of monitors and microservices is a chaotic place to actually find the incidents that are impacting your customers. And it still requires a heck of a lot of human intervention. We think it’s time for something better. Today we’re releasing Alert Routing: the next phase of worry-free automation from FireHydrant.

eg innovations

New One-click Dashboard Templates in eG Enterprise v7.2

One-click dashboard templates are among a number of tools available within eG Enterprise to allow organizations to rapidly set up targeted and bespoke views for a wide range of audiences across their organizations, whilst avoid the costs and inconsistencies of building and maintaining many individual dashboards.


Introducing Grafana Cloud k6: unified performance testing and observability

Organizations use load and performance testing to prevent issues from impacting customers, which is essential if they want to stay relevant in today’s digital-first world. And with the rise of cloud native technology and DevOps, software teams must shift performance testing left, towards development. However, traditional load and performance testing tools simply haven’t kept pace, leaving developers, operations, and QA teams siloed.