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Consulting Operations Management: Streamlining Your Approach

Consulting operations management is an essential discipline that can shape the fortunes of a firm. As professionals explore operations management, they often grapple with pressing concerns: With many years of experience in consulting and operations management, I've delved deep into these challenges, surfacing with actionable insights and tested strategies. This article is for consultants eager to amplify their operational efficiency. Every consultancy's journey is unique, but some roadblocks are universal. I aim to guide you through the choppy waters of consulting operations.


Twelve Key Learnings from PagerDuty People Team's Generative AI HackWeek

Sometimes innovation requires ideas unconstrained by traditional structures and removed from day-to-day responsibilities. It was in this spirit that PagerDuty’s People HackWeek–a friendly competition to explore how generative AI might impact the future of HR–was born.


Transformation in Travel: Our Q&A with TUI's Head of Technology

The travel industry is experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand from people seeking adventure and eager to explore new destinations. Given an abundance of choice and the desire to have a personalized experience, customers are turning to tour operators to remove complexity from planning so they can focus on the holiday and not on the process of planning it.

Streamlining Electrical Services with Operations Management

Imagine a world where every process in providing electrical services is optimized to the highest efficiency possible. A world where delays, mistakes, and wastages are obliterated, replaced by a smoothly flowing system delivering top-notch electrical services. This imaginary scenario doesn't have to remain a fantasy. With the application of operations management, it's a very achievable reality.

How to Ace Your Services with PagerDuty

It’s finals week for the US Open, one of the most celebrated sports events in the world. Tennis is my favorite sport to watch as I’m fascinated by the strength, composure and endurance each player displays while standing by themselves on the court, sometimes during incredibly long matches – the current record is 11h05.


Building Trust with our Customers with PagerDuty for PagerDuty: Crisis Response Management Operations

A critical partner in your supply chain just went down. An earthquake just hit your main operations hub. Breaking news about your organization just hit social media. Bad news first—there’s always another crisis or existential threat to your organization on the horizon. If you don’t have an established Crisis Response process and team in place, you’re running a high risk of failure.


What's New: Enhanced PagerDuty Analytics for Faster Insights and Smarter Recommendations

Data has become the lifeblood of businesses, empowering organizations to make more informed decisions, drive innovation, and gain a competitive edge. McKinsey touts the benefits of adopting data-supported capabilities, referring to the various ways data is utilized to enable and enhance the functioning of an organization.


3 New Updates to the PagerDuty Scheduling Experience

With the acceleration of cloud and digital transformation initiatives, enterprises are under pressure to adopt more agile, DevOps practices to be responsive to the business. But the increased complexity of digital systems and reliance on digital business only makes the cost of incidents more expensive.


PagerDuty Recognized in 12 2023 Gartner Hype Cycle Reports

While most of the world knows us for on-call management, we’ve been hard at work expanding the PagerDuty Operations Cloud to other areas like AIOps, Process Automation and Customer Service Operations (CSOps). Underscoring our commitment to redefining digital operations management for our customers, our commitment to R&D and delivering the best products and platform has resulted in PagerDuty being recognized in 12 distinct 2023 Gartner Hype Cycle reports across nine unique categories.


How to Maximize Time Savings and Reduce Toil During Incident Response

Incidents are a costly burden on businesses. Despite assembling the right people and teams, the manual work, tool setup and prolonged tasks can negatively impact customer experience. The need for adaptable processes to address diverse incident types further complicates the situation. This is where the PagerDuty Operations Cloud steps in. It streamlines and automates all the various manual steps in the incident response process.