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How To Become A Fractional Executive

Learning how to become a fractional executive begins with understanding the unique dynamics and demands of this role. Are you… From building the necessary skills to creating a personal brand and network, the journey is multifaceted but rewarding. This article is for: Fractional executives offer their expertise on a part-time or contract basis, making it an appealing career for those with a wealth of experience who seek flexibility and diversity in their professional lives.

Nexthink Stops MS Outage From Hurting a Leading Consumer Goods Company

While individual blue screen errors are frustrating, the recent global system crashes caused by a CrowdStrike update incompatible with Microsoft Windows have wreaked havoc across entire industries since early Friday morning. Companies ranging from the airlines, media, and banking industries have been facing significant disruptions, with thousands of customer-facing devices experiencing blue screens and causing widespread travel delays and chaos.

Voice Picking: The Evolution of Mobile Productivity in the Warehouse

Voice-directed picking is an established method for hands-free order fulfillment in warehouses around the world. If you haven’t explored it to boost productivity, now's the time. As it has evolved, voice-based data entry – both text-to-speech and speech-to-text – can be installed into warehouse workflows quickly and economically, without changing your existing warehouse management or other enterprise systems.

A Complete Guide to Change Management Software + Top Picks

You are probably already aware that managing changes within an organization is a complex yet crucial task. An effective Change Management strategy is essential if your business is looking to implement new technologies, optimize processes, or simply maintain operational stability. The key lies in adopting a structured approach that minimizes disruptions and maximizes benefits.

What is a Change Manager? Responsibilities and Skills

Change Management is a common term among business leaders, but what does it actually involve? It's well known that organizations need to adapt quickly to stay competitive. This is where a Change Manager steps in. Transitional periods can be challenging. You could be implementing new software, restructuring teams, or rolling out new business strategies. Having a dedicated professional guide these change processes can make all the difference.

Secure by Design Principles Are More Important Than Ever

The concept of Secure by Design, which means designing software with security built in before it leaves the drawing board, is fundamentally changing how software is developed. Software has often been designed with what’s known as “bolt-on security,” added after products are developed. But that means security is not inherent within the solution. Where there's a conjunction between the core product and a bolt-on, that’s an inflection point for an attack.

Introducing Ivanti's 3 New Secure UEM Solution Packages

Ivanti has launched three new secure UEM solution packages designed to enhance device management, IT efficiency and security. These cloud-based packages let you discover, manage, secure and heal all your devices. Engineered to be ideal for organizations managing a thousand or more users or devices, these solutions bridge the gap between IT operations and security teams and are secure by design. Ivanti's three new Secure UEM solution packages – Secure UEM Professional, Secure UEM Professional Plus and Secure UEM Premium – offer unique features that aim to minimize security risks, boost IT and user productivity and cut operational costs.

Bridging the Security Confidence Gap: A Guide for IT Leaders

July Risk Comms Report - Sterling Parker IT executives and security leaders often face a misalignment in investments, leading to a security confidence gap. To bridge this gap, CEOs and CISOs must collaborate and communicate effectively, fostering a strong security culture. Organizations should adopt a proactive security posture, regularly reassessing their guardrails. CISOs play a crucial role in conveying risk management concepts to the board and demonstrating the security strategy for organizational support.