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Microsoft 365 APM Profiles using REST API Monitor and Microsoft Graph API

As of WUG 2022 our REST API monitor supports OAuth 2 Client Credentials allowing a daemon application (non user interactive) to authenticate as an application to the Graph API. Using this new capability we created new APM profile to monitor Microsoft 365 and Office 365.

How to end-to-end test and monitor your login flows with Playwright and Checkly

In this video, Stefan from Checkly demonstrates how to monitor a login and authentication flow using Checkly and Microsoft's Playwright. Stefan guides you through the entire process. If you're interested in end-to-end testing or synthetic monitoring, this video is for you. Drop a question below or leave a comment!

IaC? CI? Shift Left? What do they really mean? - A DevOps Glossary

Look, we've all been there: there's a term, you've heard it one hundred times. You've nodded as others said it in meetings. And now, you've started to say it. The only tiny insignificant problem is that you're not 100% sure what it actually means or how it's different from another similar term. I feel you. So I wrote this DevOps glossary with my highly opinionated definitions of common DevOps industry terms.

The Real Cost of Synthetic User Testing with AWS

Every time I share a project using SaaS tools, someone inevitably responds that they could do the same thing on their own home server ‘for free.’ I mention this not because it is annoying, since I would never go on social media at all if annoying responses were allowed to change my behavior, but because I think it points to a basic misconception that still affects DevOps practitioners today: the refusal to accurately estimate the real costs of self-managed solutions.

Safer Client-Side Instrumentation with Honeycomb's Ingest-Only API Keys

We're delighted to introduce our new Ingest API Keys, a significant step toward enabling all Honeycomb customers to manage their observability complexity simply, efficiently, and securely. Ingest Keys are currently available for Environment & Services customers, with Classic support and programmatic key management capabilities under development and coming soon!

Mastering IPM: API Monitoring for Digital Resilience

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have quietly evolved into the backbone of contemporary business operations, even though it's ironic that most people use APIs without even realizing it. For instance, you're ordering your favorite takeaway online; you tap the payment button, and voilà! Through APIs, your payment information swiftly traverses the digital landscape, promptly reflecting the adjustment in your credit card balance.

How Often Should You Ping Your Site?

How often should you ping your site? Should you be checking every few minutes, or every hour? Surely you have other ways to detect problems, so maybe just a daily check of your API and main page would be enough, right? While there’s no single right answer for everyone, this post tries to break down how you can find the right cadence for your site checks.

Your Practical Guide to Reducing MTTR

Let’s face it. Incidents will always happen. We simply can’t prevent them. But we can strive to mitigate the impact incidents have on our product and customers. Ensuring high reliability depends on quickly and effectively finding and fixing problems. This is where the metric MTTR, standing for “mean time to restore” or “mean time to resolve,” becomes valuable for organizations.