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How To Solve Difficult Remote Work Problems

Before the pandemic, capturing your users’ experience was simple because just about everyone was in the office, and you had traditional on-premises systems in place. Nowadays, remote work and hybrid access and usage patterns are much more varied. Work hours, 24×7 availability, collaboration, networking, hybrid, etc. all lead to difficulties in understanding employee Digital Experience.

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How ITOps Uses Real-Time Monitoring for Easy Fixes

Here's a scenario. All your enterprise apps are running fine, as you expected. Maybe your team wasn't impacted by the Microsoft 365 outage a couple of weeks ago. Good for you! But don't let past application performance predict current performance. Instead, choose real-time monitoring to efficiently manage your network and proactively resolve app health issues at any time. That way, the IT operations (ITOps) team has visibility into your entire digital estate and pinpoint services unavailable to end-users.


4 Key IT Operations Practices for Better Management

Here we go again. If 2022 wasn’t enough, there are new challenges in 2023 staring right at information technology leaders. As interest rates rise and consumer demand slows, companies plan to cut costs and do more with less. But what does all this mean for you? Amid this uncertainty, the IT operations department must adapt well to these changes. Because if they don’t, the business they support will be disadvantaged.


New Microsoft 365 Monitoring Suite

Today, we’re excited to announce the rollout of our Microsoft 365 monitoring suite availability and quality solution. And, you can get it now! It can be deployed into any branch office using Apica Private Agents or through dedicated hosting to allow customers to test from the cloud. With the Apica Ascent platform customers can now get detailed reports and visualizations to identify the root cause of any performance problems in Outlook, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Teams.


Get the Top 15 Microsoft Teams Alerts to Track Call Quality

To say that IT professionals have a lot on their plates is an understatement and when managing Microsoft Teams, many feel inundated by Microsoft Teams alerts. Since Microsoft Teams is the ubiquitous platform for communication and collaboration in modern workplaces, optimal Teams performance is critical. Microsoft Teams can experience performance issues that can have a significant impact on productivity.


Troubleshooting Teams The Right Way

VIPs almost never open tickets, but you’ll know when they’ve got a problem with Microsoft Teams. Even when the rest of your team logs tickets for troubleshooting Teams issues there’s a good chance they won’t give you enough information about the problem – particularly if its hardware related. These are traditional challenges for IT departments trying to maintain Teams services. Luckily, we have the solution.


Weathering the MS Teams Outage with Zero Impact

While innumerable companies suffered due to the outage, it was business as usual for Nexthink Customers. On January 25th, 2023, millions of unsuspecting employees across the globe were met with an unexpected roadblock during a regular work day. Microsoft Teams, used by over 280 million users worldwide for video meetings, messaging, and collaboration, was officially declared down.