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Strategies for migrating to Kubernetes

Migrating to a new platform can often feel like navigating a maze of technical challenges, especially when the platform is as complex as Kubernetes. Kubernetes has a vast number of features designed to help with deploying and managing large applications, but learning how to use it effectively can be just as challenging as‌ moving your workloads over. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible, of course, and there are several strategies for easing this process.

Modern Egress Gateway: Assign stable IPs to traffic leaving Kubernetes clusters

Whether an enterprise is migrating its legacy application to a cloud-native architecture or deploying a new cloud-native application, it will face the challenge of integrating with security tools such as firewalls that rely on a stable network identity for security configuration. This is due to the fact that cloud-native workloads aren’t guaranteed to have a fixed network identity.

Intel x SUSE demo with Alexey Fomenko

At #Kubecon EU in Paris, Erin Quill, our Principal Technical Marketing Manager, met with Alexey Fomenko from @Intel to discuss all things Dynamic Resource Allocation (DRA) in the #cloudnative #AI ecosystem. In this video, learn more about how Intel's DRA driver allows better isolation of the GPU resources available to your #kubernetes clusters.

Introducing Civo's UK Sovereign Cloud: Secure, Compliant, and Locally Governed

In today's fast-paced digital world, where data breaches and geopolitical uncertainties are becoming more common, ensuring the security and sovereignty of your data is paramount. Organisations are increasingly seeking cloud solutions that not only offer advanced technological capabilities but also guarantee data compliance with local laws. Addressing this critical demand, Civo proudly introduces our UK Sovereign Cloud.

Demystifying Kubernetes Observability with Generative AI and LLMs

Generative AI and large language models (LLM) are fundamentally changing the way we interact with data, especially in the realm of Kubernetes and observability. These technologies are reshaping our field, and there is a lot to understand and unpack so organizations like yours can make sense of it all. What data is important, and what isn’t? How can LLMs make my day-to-day easier, and what do I need to do to ensure I don’t get overwhelmed?