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Expanding Artifactory's Hugging Face Support with Datasets

When working with ML models, it’s fair to say that a model is only as good as the data it was trained on. Training and testing models on quality datasets of an appropriate size is essential for model performance. Because of the intricate link between a model and the data it was trained on, it’s also important to be able to store datasets and versioned models together.

Integration roundup: Monitoring the health and performance of your container-native CI/CD pipelines

Widespread adoption of containerized infrastructure has been closely followed by an explosion of container-native tools for each layer of the stack, including new solutions for managing CI/CD pipelines in container-based environments, such as the Argo suite, FluxCD, and Tekton. This is because these lightweight solutions make it easier to automate builds, testing, deployments, and more on Kubernetes, as well as other platforms that manage containerized workloads and services.

Core CI/CD Concepts: A Comprehensive Overview

In the fast-paced world of software development, the ability to quickly and reliably deliver software is paramount. This need has led to the evolution of CI/CD—Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment—practices that streamline and automate the development lifecycle. Below, we explore these core CI/CD concepts and related automation practices that are transforming the software industry.

Testing and Quality Assurance Within a CI/CD Pipeline

In today’s fast-paced software development landscape, the need to deliver high-quality software rapidly and reliably is paramount. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CD) have emerged as essential practices that enable development teams to meet these demands. Central to the success of CI/CD pipelines is a robust framework for testing and quality assurance (QA).

Gremlin's API makes it easy to integrate testing in your CI/CD pipeline

Thinking about integrating Gremlin into your existing pipeline? Look no farther than the Gremlin API. "The next step then was to build the right tooling such that the resiliency tests can be run from a pipeline. Gremlin's API first approach made it possible to do this in a very easy manner because everything that we could do from the UI and manually, we could replicate all of that through the API as well.