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What is Helm? A complete guide

Helm is a tool that automates the creation, packaging, configuration, and deployment of Kubernetes applications by combining your configuration files into a single reusable package. In a microservice architecture, you create more microservices as the application grows, making it increasingly difficult to manage. Kubernetes, an open source container orchestration technology, simplifies the process by grouping multiple microservices into a single deployment.


Gain real-time observability into your software supply chain with the New Relic Log Analytics Integration

JFrog’s new log analytics integration with New Relic brings together powerful observability capabilities to monitor, analyze, and visualize logs and metrics from self-hosted JFrog environments. The integration is free for all tiers of self-hosted JFrog customers and utilizes the powerful, open source log management tool, Fluentd, to collect, process, and surface data in New Relic dashboards.

Real-world use cases for DORA metrics: Unlock your software team's performance

Need real-world ideas for how your own software engineering team can use DORA metrics to improve daily? In this video, Sleuth team members share the different ways they get value out of using DORA metrics. Get perspective from an engineering manager, individual contributor, senior software engineer, customer success manager, and CTO.

New in Sleuth (Jan-Feb '23): Global nav, work in progress, reusable GitHub Actions, customer stories

Get the latest updates in Sleuth for January-February 2023. Sleuth CTO and co-founder Don Brown walks through our new global nav, enhancements to Work in Progress dashboards, and the ability to move code deployments across projects. Plus, interviews with our awesome customers Puma and Article!

Create Git Repositories and CI/CD Pipelines with the Terraform Provider for Codefresh

The Codefresh User Interface allows all application stakeholders to view and manage their applications in a user-friendly manner with comprehensive dashboards and detailed overview screens. It is not however the only way of managing Codefresh. Codefresh also comes with a powerful CLI as well as an extensive API that allows developers and operators to completely bypass the UI and create their own automated workflows with their favorite tools.


Experience faster, more reliable builds with Cargo's new sparse registry protocol

With the Rust team's announcement of the 1.68.0 version of Rust, Cloudsmith is happy to announce our support for the new "sparse" registry protocol, which has been stabilized as part of version 1.68.0. Cargo is the package manager for Rust, a programming language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software. Cloudsmith customers who migrate to the new beta "sparse" registry implementation will dramatically improve the speed and reliability of their builds.

This is the future of software innovation in 2023

Software developers are innovative by nature, and software engineering managers can foster that by removing team bottlenecks. DORA metrics help find what's slowing a team down, so you can remove those bottlenecks and free up developers' time to create innovative solutions. Give Sleuth a try and see why it's a deploy-based Accelerate / DORA metrics tracker both managers and developers love.