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Alloy Software

Alloy Software Wins Bronze Stevie Award in 2023 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service

East Hanover, NJ – March 10, 2023 — Alloy Software, a leading provider of IT Service Management and IT Asset Management solutions, announced that it had been presented with a Bronze Stevie® Award in the 17th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.


Exceptions Happen. Handle Them Quickly.

It’s ironic, but exceptions happen all the time. We all can relate to these in supply chain operations: the crushed package, the barcode damaged to the point it can’t be decoded, the misplaced or abandoned tote. When these errors occur, what happens? The person who discovers it is responsible for reporting it. How long does that take? Who do they report the incident to? Should they address it themselves?


8 Must-have Features of Asset Management Systems Used in Education

Asset Management systems used in education often demand more detail than what’s expected in other environments. However, educational institutions rarely consider IT Asset Management (ITAM) as a priority. There are several reasons of this. For once, they commonly have a small IT team and hardly ever have dedicated resources for Asset Management. In addition, their budget is always limited, so they must spend it wisely to accommodate their most urgent needs.


Fixed Assets Inventory and its Importance

In business, fixed assets are tangible items with a useful life of more than one year and are used in producing or supplying goods and services. These items range from office furniture, tools, and equipment to property, plant, and equipment. The inventory of these assets must be kept up-to-date and accurate in order to ensure the financial stability of the business. This blog will discuss the importance of a fixed assets inventory and what necessary steps should be taken to ensure its accuracy.

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What is the Difference Between Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance?

Maintenance is a critical aspect for organizations, especially those that possess a considerable number of valuable assets. The primary objective of maintenance is to enhance the longevity of assets and prevent unexpected failures. Unanticipated equipment failure can be more costly than scheduled maintenance, which is why regular maintenance is essential. Equipment downtime negatively impacts the productivity of the organization.

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What are the Latest Asset Management Trends in 2023?

In today's digital age, technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace and the internet has made it possible for everyone to stay connected. This has not only created new opportunities for asset management but has also brought new challenges. In order to maintain compliance and make informed decisions based on accurate data, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in asset management. In this blog, we will explore the latest asset management trends that are shaping the industry.

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How Much Does an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) System Cost?

Once there was a time when Barcode was the only option for asset tracking but now as the technology has evolved so much there are several asset tracking technologies available. Now the client wants only the best, here RFID comes into play. RFID has acquired a big market and lots of business verticals use this technology. Several other organizations are thinking of using RFID technology.


Leveraging IT Asset Information to Deliver Outstanding Employee Experience

With the rise in Everywhere Work, IT professionals have become burdened with managing their growing IT infrastructure. In fact, some organizations have reported their digital transformation being accelerated by three to five years as they look to build their IT environments. The volume of assets used for work has grown significantly – averaging 2.6 devices per person.

The FireEye/SolarWinds Cyber Attack | Security Insights Podcast: Ep. 1

Ivanti Senior Director of Product Management, Chris Goettl, and former Chief Security Officer, Phil Richards, join host Adrian Vernon to discuss the recent cyber attack that affected many dozens of organizations around the world, including multiple U.S. government agencies. This is one of the largest-scale cyberattacks in recent history.